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All you need to know about triathlon training, nutrition and supplements. Plus lots of great triathlon blogs reviewed and recommended.

Top Tenacious Triathletes blogs

Bike sunset

Image source: Maridav
Many start a triathlon – but not everyone finishes

Can you imagine the dedication involved in getting fit enough to undertake a triathlon? Or even an Ironman?

These unwavering and passionate bloggers have all been through that pain, and come out the other side to tell the tale. Not only that, they’ve shared their experiences with the world, along with their race reports and training stats.

Read on to find out more about the hard core world of the tenacious triathlete.

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Fitness Round-Up: Butter, skin and iron man

xmas fitness

Image source: Fab_1
Fancy a brew, bench press or Marvel based battle?

Santa Claus is coming to town, it’s cold outside and the arguments about whether Die Hard is a Christmas film have begun again. (It is 100% a Christmas film).

If you haven’t done your Xmas shopping yet, we’ve got a whole host of offers lined up for you, but until then, here’s some coffee with butter in it, a strongly worded opinion on overweight people and some useful tips on how to improve your bench press.

It’s the November fitness roundup.

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Sweat yourself happy

Woman in gym lifting weights

Image source: pikselstock
Exercise for happiness!

We all know that working out is a great way to keep our bodies fit and healthy. But did you know that exercise is just as important for the health of our minds?

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and we’re celebrating the incredible power of exercise to keep us fit in mind as well as in body.

And the benefits are endless. Exercise can make you happier, more positive, cleverer and even sexier. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to sweat yourself happy.

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Top 10 tremendous blogs by talented triathletes

Triathlon blogs

Image source: Maridav
Swim, cycle, run!

Have you got what it takes to swim, cycle and run your way to glory? This lot are certainly en route.

Over the last few years demand for the sport has grown as more and more people want a slice of this trio of disciplines.

Offering a whole body, cross training workout, it’s easy to see the appeal of a triathlon. But slightly harder, we imagine, to actually do one!

Fear not, with more medals and PBs then you could shake a stick at, this lot of die-hard tri fans are on hand to point you in the right direction.

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