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The Best Supplements: How you voted

We ran a competition to find out what the best supplements were - here's how you all voted!

We ran a competition to find out what the best supplements were – here’s how you all voted!
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To round off last year, we brought back “The Suppies”, to find out which supplements you think are the champions of them all.

After selecting which five products we thought were the best in each category, we wanted to know what you all thought – which supplements would be crowned the best of the best? We asked, and you voted; the results are in.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

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A celebration of muscles, big and small

different types of muscles

Time to honour those ever so important muscles!

Muscles are…well…necessary. Without them we’d be a big bag of bones. But to our bodybuilding friends and family, muscles are so much more.

So, instead of telling you how to build the biggest shoulders possible or what to eat for maximum gains, we’re just going to celebrate our muscles.

Those everyday muscles you probably take for granted.

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11 Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

lazy gym selfie

So much rage.

We started talking a couple of days ago, and we got onto the behaviour of people in gym. Voices started to rise.

From the casual gym-goer, the CrossFitter and our resident expert, we have a fair few different viewpoints in our office. But between us, we managed to whittle down to eleven, the most infuriating, most angering, most “WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?” things that people do at the gym.

Let’s start with sex pests.

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11 stellar cycling blogs


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dedication in the pelaton

Whether you ride on city cycle lanes or Tour de France mountainsides, our collection of stellar cyclists will inspire you.

We’ve brought together the best cycling blogs in the UK for you to read and learn from.

Their posts are filled with advice, reviews, tips, humour and inspirational quotes to keep you honking, bonking and freewheeling through this roundup!

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Top Tenacious Triathletes blogs


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Many start a triathlon – but not everyone finishes

Can you imagine the dedication involved in getting fit enough to undertake a triathlon? Or even an Ironman?

These unwavering and passionate bloggers have all been through that pain, and come out the other side to tell the tale. Not only that, they’ve shared their experiences with the world, along with their race reports and training stats.

Read on to find out more about the hard core world of the tenacious triathlete.

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The Big Gym Survey 2013 results

Gym Survey Results

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The Big Supplement Centre Gym Survey

The results of the Big Gym Survey 2013 are in.

We got a great response from our blog readers, and your answers have thrown up a few surprises. We’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who submitted a survey.

Who would have guessed that more than half of you never use a Stairmaster as part of your workout? On the other hand, we know that most of you enjoy going to the gym – a massive 97% of respondents LOVE their gym!

We’ll be posting more in-depth articles on this blog over the next few weeks, based on the Big Gym Survey. Keep reading – there’s much more to come.

Here are the results of the survey in full:
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Superfood: the acai berry

Acai berries

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Are acai berries worth all the hype?

In recent years the Acai Berry has been a hot topic within the supplement industry, with many heralding its health and weight loss benefits. But does science support these claims?

‘The Evidenced Based Systematic Review of Acai’ was recently sanctioned by the Natural Standards Research Collaboration, an impartial scientific body. Let’s take a look at the science behind all the hype.

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