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VIDEO: Eddie Hall 500kg deadlift


The man, the legend!

There are many words you could use to describe Eddie Hall; monster, beast, giant. But recently, he surpassed all that, by a feat of strength that is like something you’d read in a Marvel comic.

For Mr Hall has now done what no Stokie, man or beast has done before, and lifted half a tonne.

He once lifted 462kg and the strongman world went a bit mad, he then joined forces with Mark Felix to lift 775kg.

But in Leeds, he beat his own record, and forever cemented his name as the best thing to come out of Stoke since Phil “The Power” Taylor.

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12 GIFs that prove staying in shape is hard

Nerd man doing gym

Gym = hard.

Anyone who says building muscle, staying in shape or that just getting to the gym is easy, is wrong.

We all love a good fail, and it seems that our human endeavour to stay healthy, creates more than its fair share.

So, to showcase this, and to celebrate the launch of the Supplement Centre Giphy channel, here are 12 glorious fails, in all their glory.

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Kai Greene Posing Routine – Arnold Classic 2016


Image source; YouTube
Posing awesome.

Kai Greene is a bit like Marmite. You either love him for his emotion, humour and passion, or you dislike him for his stupid hair, drama-tears and the fact he isn’t Phil Heath.

One thing that cannot be denied though, is that he is an entertainer. His posing routine at Arnold Classic 2016 is causing a bit of a stir.

A bit of robot dancing, some miming-come-whiping it, and a bit, no, a lot, of tensing. A very entertaining couple of minutes! Just a shame Kai wasn’t at Mr Olympia!

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VIDEO: Woman Mega Pukes During Deadlift

girl pukes deadlift

Image source: blondebeautybri

Yes, yes, yes, we’re pretty immature. But this is fairly funny. As is the reaction after it!

It happens with strong men, and it might have happened before to you, but for “blondebeautybri“, it might have been a shock.

While competing at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championship, she lifted like she had done thousands of times before…and out came the spew.

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Video: F1 Car vs Rugby Scrum

formula 1 car vs rugby scrum

Who do you think will win?

Rugby players are strong. We all know that. But 6 Nations just round the corner, and with Formula 1 drive Daniel Ricciardo with a bit of spare time, Red Bull Racing decided to have a bit of fun.

They could have put a rugby player in a car to show how difficult it is, or put Ricciardo in the middle of a scrum to show how physically demanding it is. But they didn’t.

Instead, they tested who was stronger, an 8 man, Bath Rugby Club scrum, or a car than go from 0-60mph in about 2 seconds.

Who is your money on?

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Mark Smith Disabled Bodybuilder: Documentary

Mark Smith Phil Heath

Mark posing with My Olympia, Phil Heath

By now you know probably know about him, but that doesn’t make him any less awesome. Yep, Mark Smith, disabled bodybuilder legend, has continually deified the odds.

After losing his leg in a training accident at the age of 26, he had a few choices to make. During his rehab he became a qualified football coach, boxing coach and personal trainer. It was in the latter that he found his new vocation.

From personal training, came bodybuilding, and the renewed buzz “of being shot at”.

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VIDEO: Man Eats 14,540 Calories of Ice Cream

man eats 14540 calories of ice cream

That’s a lot of ice cream!

We love a good eating challenge. They seem to go hand in hand with fitness, which is strange, because it’s normally about eating well and just eating enough. But fitness can also be about weight gain, and that is what this guy had in mind.

Pro eater, and yes that is a job apparently, Matt Stonie has done many eating challenges. This however, has to be his finest. Consuming 14,540 calories in one go is impressive, but to do it with ice cream only, is slow clap worthy.

So here, for your pleasure, is the man who now needs some fat burners.

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The Ultimate Rock Music Workout Playlist!


Lift to riffs!

Music fires many a workout across the globe. And one genre with more power to give you a kick up the arse than any other, is rock!

So we have asked the public to give us their best suggestions, with as many types of rock as possible being represented. Working like a music pre workout supplement, this playlist is 100% guaranteed to get your muscles moving.

So get your headphones on and get lifting.

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Mark Felix and Eddie Hall lift 775kg

Eddie Hall and Mark Felix

Image sources: Facebook & Wiki Commons
A lot of power!

We like Eddie Hall here. We like his style, his rather scary looks, and of course the fact he is ridiculously strong. So when an opportunity comes to share a bit of his good work, we’re always happy.

This weekend, Hall managed to break yet another record, twice . This time it was the team deadlift, with his partner Mark Felix, as they competed at the “World’s Ultimate Strongest Team” event at the Britannia Stadium in Stoke.

They destroyed the old record of 755kg with a 767kg lift, then went one better…

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