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What is a dad bod?

Dad bod

Image source: 9nong
With enough beer, you could have a body like this…

The vast majority of those who read this will be people who workout, who want to workout or who have at some point, worked out. The reasons? They tend to be to stay healthy, look good and feel great. But what’s this “dad bod” craze all about?

In the last few weeks, the likes of Adam Sandler, Leonardo di Caprio and Seth Rogan have been held up high as examples of the finest Dad Bods.

So first, let’s explain what it is.

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Beware of the 30s fat attack !

Man unable to do up his cord trousers due to weight gain.

Image source: Bacho
It can creep up on the best of us…

What the heck happened? That’s the horrified question on the lips of every thirty something who glances in the mirror one day to find a flabby looking stranger staring back.

Who is that chubby middle-aged guy or girl? How did they get there?

It’s truly shocking to realise that the horrified creature you behold in the mirror is in fact – you. But before you run wailing to the fridge to grab yourself some comfort food – stop. We’re here to help. First off, you need to understand what went wrong, then you need to do something about it. Here’s how to fight the 30s fat attack.

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10 tips for building muscle

10 muscle building tips

Which tip do you find most helpful?

Gains is the golden word of the bodybuilding world. The word that means progress and a visible representation of all our hard work. But getting those gains isn’t always that easy.

For many this struggle is down to commitment, for some it’s their body type. But whatever the case, there is help at hand.

If you get the next 10 steps in order, then it’s simply down to you.

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Fitness Round-up: Massive legs, a massive man and beer


What’s he so happy about?

Halloween, clocks changing and the leaves all starting to die. Yep October has been and gone, so now we’ll look at what happened on the world wide web.

We’ve got a man with a suspiciously large forearm, “proof” that alcohol can be consumed and not hinder performance, and a rather handy leg day workout.

It’s the fitness roundup for October.

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Fast food for bodybuilders

Couple hotdog,hamburger, sandwich and ingredients. Fast food composition.

Image source: Studio37
The best choices for you…

Let’s not try and dress this up with a fancy sauce, fast food is generally unhealthy, but that doesn’t mean everything in a fast food joint is a fat bomb waiting to destroy your muscle definition.

Unless your on a weight gainer mission, it’s likely you’ll want to keep protein high and calories in check. Well you’re in a luck, healthier options do exist, and when you’re in a rush, it’s hard to top the convenience of a drive-thru protein hit.

Just follow these simple tips below for fast food success…

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5 reasons you aren’t hench yet

Nerd guy raising a dumbbell

Still not hench?

Been doing all you can do and you’re still not hench?

Here’s the scenario: you’ve been training long and hard for months. You’re eating a lot. You’re packing the protein. You’re taking all the right supplements. You’re lifting harder and harder. But you’re getting nowhere.

Maybe you’re making one or more of these 5 training mistakes.

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Sat fat is back?

What to eat confused nutriton

Image source: Dave Clark Digital Photo

Want to gain weight but stay lean?

Until recently, the advice was to stick to lean cuts, plenty of carbs and low fat spreads. But a tectonic shift in food thinking is causing earthquakes in the food and drink industry.

And it’s good news for carnivores – red meat and butter are on the menu again. Why? Because sat fat is back.

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Winter weight gain – be a bear and bulk up

bulk like a bear

Bulk like a bear
Image source: Jim Mitchell

Dark evenings are here again and with them the tendency for us to eat too much, do too little and lay down fat.

Some blame the lack of sunlight for knocking our motivation to hit the gym, others say it’s just the cold, or the change of seasons.

We say it’s hibernation and it could be your best chance to bulk up.

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Fabulous fats

fabulous fat man burger

Image credit: Ollyy
Not all fat is bad

Fat has gained a bad reputation over the years. But not all fat is bad and it’s a dietary disaster that society has glazed all fatty foods with the same bad-fat brush.

It’s actually healthy to consume good fats — fact. So here’s a little story about fat and the ones you should eat and those to  avoid.

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