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Complete guide to weight gain supplements

Bodybuilder back lifting dumbells on black background.

Someone who knows about weight gain.

One of the hardest parts of building a better physique is gaining weight.

Realising the sheer volume of calories required to add mass can be a daunting prospect, especially taking into account the high levels of protein a typical bodybuilder needs.

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Beginners Guide to Bulking Up

skinny man and hench blokes

Which one needs to bulk we wonder?

Bulking up is an issue many slim beginners struggle with. There is so much to learn about the fundamentals of adding muscle mass, it is no wonder so many gym newbies find it a daunting prospect.

However, there are some essential basics that once mastered will see pounds of muscle added to your physique regularly. The most important aspects of bulking is:

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Fatty food fight: USA v Scotland

Fast food calorie horrors

Who will win the battle?

When it comes to bulking up on junk food, there are two nations that stand head and shoulders above the rest: Scotland and the USA.

Infamous by reason of their unhealthy diets – they’re paying the price with high levels of obesity, heart disease and some forms of cancer. But how do they compare with each other? Which nation is the unhealthiest?

Here we put them belly to belly. It’s the clash of the titans; a calorie horror dual.
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The skinny guide to weight gain

skinny weight gain

Gain weight the healthy way

We live in a society more prone to obesity than ever before, but for some, it’s putting on weight that’s the problem.

If you’re one of those people for whom bulking up is a challenge – here are some good reasons to keep trying. And of course we give you the lowdown on how to achieve healthy weight gain.

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How to bulk up on a budget

Bulk up on a budget

On budget biceps

More people than ever are working out these days and gyms have never been so popular.

You’ve bought your gym membership, supplements and the extra food you need to build muscles. You might be bulking up, but your wallet might feel considerably lighter.

Here are our top tips for how to keep the expenses down and bulk up on a budget.

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Is it ever good to gain weight?

Measuring tape surrounded a pretty big beerbelly

Who wants to GAIN weight?

Dieting is extremely popular, especially come summertime when people are on a quest for the perfect beach body. But not everybody is slimming — quite the opposite.

Some are actively trying to gain weight; you heard it correctly, some people want to gain weight. Gaining weight doesn’t always mean overweight, unhealthy and unmotivated. In fact putting on weight can actually be healthy and positive — especially if you fit into one of the following groups of people.

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Why are carbohydrates important?

Bowl of oats on a blue tartan background.

Oats are a great source of slow release carbs

One word: fuel. Carbs are the preferred energy source for your muscles, brain and central nervous system.

Without carbohydrate, you’ll ‘hit the wall’. Run out of carbs and your body will turn to fat and protein for fuel, and while eating into your body’s fat stores might seem like a good idea, you definitely don’t want to lose any of your lean muscle mass.

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