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5 things to look out for at Rio 2016 Olympics

Rio 2016

Image source: rocharibeiro
What will you be watching this year?

The Olympics are here again, that four year trip into the world of athletics, countries you’ve never heard of and the knowledge you always have something to watch on the TV.

But though Neymar, Usain Bolt, Zika and the whole Russian doping scandal may take the headlines, we think it’s important to look out for a few other great happenings at this Olympics.

So here’s five things you really shouldn’t miss.

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VIDEO: Eddie Hall 500kg deadlift


The man, the legend!

There are many words you could use to describe Eddie Hall; monster, beast, giant. But recently, he surpassed all that, by a feat of strength that is like something you’d read in a Marvel comic.

For Mr Hall has now done what no Stokie, man or beast has done before, and lifted half a tonne.

He once lifted 462kg and the strongman world went a bit mad, he then joined forces with Mark Felix to lift 775kg.

But in Leeds, he beat his own record, and forever cemented his name as the best thing to come out of Stoke since Phil “The Power” Taylor.

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10 Fitness Hacks to Improve Workouts

Back shot of a male bodybuilder holding up his arm, rear view, black background

Image source: TAGSTOCK1
Being oiled up for quicker door entry is not on our list.

All of us are always trying to find ways to make our lives easier. Whether it’s a robotic vacuum cleaner, a self stirring mug or twirling spaghetti fork, we have designed myriad gadgets to save time or cut down on the hassle.

The problem with us folk who like to lift or run our way through the day, is that there are very few time saving, hassle slashing gadgets around, if it all.

But there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of your time on this earth, and by that I mean of course the time you spend staying in shape.

Let’s start with your music.

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Four reasons gyms are disgusting

man disgusted by smell of trainers

The smelly trainers are the least of his worries.

Gyms are lovely places. They let you get in shape, smash boundaries down and achieve things you never thought possible.

But they are also smelly, germ ridden cesspits where we see the worst of humanity, laid bare in one stuffy, fresh air lacking cave of concrete.

Gym owners, we apologise, but this is why your gaff is disgusting.

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How to Train Your Lower Back

how to train your lower back

Image source: Jale Ibrak
Safely train and get serious…lower back gains?

If muscles could talk, then your lower back would probably say one of the following.

1) Ouch, I hate my life, so I am going to make you hate yours.
2) Why have you forgotten about me?
3) Cheers for looking after me, much appreciated.

If 1) or 2) sounds like your back, then keep reading, and if it’s 3), well then you might learn a thing or two anyway.

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The Pros and Cons of Having a Gym Buddy

men doing barbell bench press in gym

Are you a man or woman who needs a spot?

Gym partners, swolemates, “buddies”; call them what you will, there can be some serious benefits to having a fellow lifter on hand for workouts.

And of course, there can be drawbacks.

So should you find yourself a gym buddy or should you be like our resident Dom, and always go alone?

Let us help you decide.

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How To Fix Your Deadlift

how to fix your deadlift

Image source: Supplement Centre
An article by Liam Browne

One of the big three, the deadlift is as much about raw power and strength as any other exercise. Pick it up, put it down. But it is not that simple, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of videos online of people with poor technique at risk of injuring themselves.

I posted a video a fair while back deadlifting 200kg for 2 reps. I believed the form to not quite be right, so took to the internet for help. What I was met with was some harsh comments, sprinkled with some positive, constructive feedback. Then I was offered a place on a deadlifting seminar at Structure sport and Fitness in Sheffield with Lee Dubois and Ian Thistlewood.

This is what I learnt.

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10 ripping weightlifting blogs


Image source: baranq
Lifting heavy, lifting hard.

Are you a gym junkie or a home trainer? Either way, the blogs from these amazing weightlifters will inspire you to train harder and lift heavier.

We’ve gathered a collection of the best lifters, squatters and pumpers of iron for you to get to know.

Want to learn how to do stronger pull-ups? Or how to use music to get more pumped? Read on!

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Don’t Do These 8 Things If You Want To Stay Injury Free

painful gym fail

Image source: YouTube

The gym is a wonderful place, but it can also be very dangerous. So how do you prevent yourself from getting injured?

Well, perhaps a good way to look at, is to see what you shouldn’t do. It’s obvious that you don’t want to throw a dumbbell at someone who has been on the treadmill for too long, but some things aren’t so clear.

And with that, let’s begin.

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