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Can’t choose a workout? Worry no more!

close up of math formulas on a blackboardclose up of math formulas on a blackboard

Image source: PicsFive
Trying to work out what to do…

It’s 6pm, you’ve not long finish work, and you are on your way to the gym…but what are you going to do when you get there?

If, like many, you aren’t the best at making basic decisions, then knowing what to do can be a difficult choice. Legs, chest, arms, back, cardio, core, shoulders, take up CrossFit? “What do I do!?” you are probably screaming inside.

But don’t worry, as per usual, Supplement Centre is here to save the day.

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The Importance of an Evening Routine

Chocolate Coconut Chia seeds overnight oats

Image source: Nataliya Arzamasova
Overnight oaty goodness!

This is a guest post from Brad Ledson

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Colin Powell”

Evening routines play a pivotal role in setting you up for a better, healthier, more productive, stress free day.

And it all starts with the morning…

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Six Nations Workout Bingo!

6 nations bingo

Italy vs Scotland just got interesting…

Whether you like rugby or not, we have a serious treat for you.

Every time a major event happens, we like to make bingo sheets. Mainly because yours truly likes to pop down Castle Bingo from time to time and waste some money. But also because…who doesn’t want to destroy themselves while watching rugby or Eurovision? And I suppose, if you really like punishment, X-Factor.

So, for a serious workout, and and a level of entertainment you just can’t get from rugby, here is the 2016 Six Nations Workout Bingo!

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11 must-read personal trainers’ blogs

personal trainer

work it, work it

Some of us like to train alone, focused and motivated. We plan our diet and exercise meticulously and all of our training goes according to this plan.

For a lot of the rest of us, a personal trainer is an essential part of our regime. We need that external discipline and the kind of drive that only comes from someone else.

We’ve found the best Personal Training blogs in the UK so that you can read their advice and tips. They’re a fantastically fit and motivated bunch, so read on and get to know them.

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Colossal climbing blogs


Image source: Photobac

Ever felt the urge to cling to a vertical rock face by your fingernails, desperately reaching for a toehold just out of reach?

We’re not too sure, either, but we’ve found a collection of blogs from expert climbers which might just make us change our minds and grab the crampons for a vertical ascent!

These climbing bloggers are all highly familiar with the scenario. Read tales of victory and injury from the mountainside, and revel in the amazing shots the climbing photographers manage to capture!

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How To Train For Tough Mudder

how to train for tough mudder

Electrocution, mud and fire. But what about the training?

You are drenched in mud, you are tired, and what’s in front of you? Fire, ice and a large wall to climb over. Yes, it’s Tough Mudder.

Here at Supplement Centre, we’re very good at telling you how to lift weights, what protein to take and how act in the gym, but we have never really covered obstacle course events. Until now…

Here is how to train for Tough Mudder.

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6 Tips For Top Triceps

6 tips for top triceps

The Andrew Ridgley of muscles…kind of…

One person in any partnership gets more attention than the other. Look at Wham! Granted, George Michael did all the writing and singing, but Andrew Ridgley was just as important…

Ok, he wasn’t really. But that still doesn’t take away from the fact that some things get more limelight than others. The tricep, therefore, is a bit like Andrew Ridgeley, but unlike the former Wham! member, your triceps are far from useless.

So here are the best exercises to build them up, before you go go…

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8 Ways To Get Bigger Forearms


What would be your top tip?

When the sun comes out, the guns come out. But what’s the point in having bulging biceps if your forearms are the size of twigs?

Often forgotten, the humble forearm is just as essential as any other body part, and needs to be treated with respect.

So here are 8 ways to build forearms like Popeye, with not a drop of spinach in sight.

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How to build your calf muscles


Get ready for calf raises!

Never skip leg day, we all know that. But what about those skinny bits at the bottom of your legs? Yes we are of course talking about calves.

You train legs, and your quads are huge, but adding mass to calf muscles is easier said than done. There’s even been memes created about it, and Milhouse from The Simpsons knows the difficulties too well!

Here then, is a guide on all things calf muscle based.

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Should Mayweather train like Rocky?

Boxing ring

Image source: masisyan
$200,000 a ticket!

According to recent reports and images from social media, Floyd Mayweather has taken on a “Rocky style” workout that incorporates things like chopping wood and hitting things with sledgehammers.

So, not wanting to miss the opportunity to watch clips of Rocky, we look at whether this “throwback training” is really such a good idea. After all, he wouldn’t want all that hard work to go to waste. Especially as tickets are going for above $200,000!

Let’s start in 1976…

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