Super swanky celebrity home gyms

celebrity in front of paparazzi

For celebs who want to sweat in private!

What do you get when you cross super wealthy, image conscious celebs with privacy invading paps? Some seriously swanky home gyms!

Why risk getting papped in spandex with a puffy red face, sucking on a protein powder shake, when you can sweat out of sight in your hollywood mansion?

Check out our super deluxe gyms – where A listers get hench.

Mark Wahlberg Home Gym

Image source: Hilton & Hyland
Mark Wahlberg’s Beverly Hills gym with a boxing ring

Hulk Hogan Home Gym

Image source: Front Door
Hulk Hogan’s gym at his Florida mansion

Gisele Bündchen Home Gym

Image source: Architectural Design
Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s LA Mansion gym

Ryan Phillipe Home Gym

Image source: Facebook
Ryan Phillipe’s zen-inspired gym

Leonardo DiCaprio Home Gym

Image source: Luxury Estate
Leonardo DiCaprio’s gym at his villa in Palm Springs

Jay Z and Beyonce Home Gym

Image source: Corcoran
Jay Z and Beyonce’s gym in the Hamptons

Jay Z and Beyonce Bowling Alley

Image source: Corcoran
And of course, they have a bowling alley too!

50 Cent Home Gym

Image source: Updated Home
50 Cent’s home gym

50 Cent Basketball Court

Image source: Updated Home
Not to mention his very own basketball court!

Gwyneth Paltrow Pilates Studio

Image source: Eric Cahan/Variety
Gwyneth Paltrow’s pilates studio in the Hamptons

Michael Jordan Basketball Court

Image source: Izismile
Michael Jordan doesn’t have a gym, he has this instead, understandably!

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