Craig Obrien’s Body Transformation

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Before and after photo

How did he make the change?

You may well be a hench gym-goer, or supremely fit, competing in a huge number of athletic events. But then again, you might be reading this from your sofa, while eating a bag of cheesy poofs!

The truth is, we all have to start somewhere. Craig Obrien wasn’t in the best shape but he got up off the sofa, threw down the crisps, got in the gym and changed his life.

Here is his transformation story.

The transformation

I decided to change my body because I was sick of being overweight. Through school I always had an excuse when it came to physical activity, because I was too embarrassed to do it. I finally decided that I’d had enough and joined a gym when I was 16.

After 8 months of aimless cardio, I took it up a notch; I started lifting weights and actually enjoyed something for once in my life.

I found all sorts of information from different sorts of fitness and bodybuilding websites and people. I have learnt a lot inside and outside of the gym, like how to put all of my muscles through the full range of motion.

The transformation took me a year; I wish that I had known more, but as you progress you’re always learning new things.


My lifestyle and diet has changed. I used to eat food out of boredom and greed, but now I eat food and think of it as fuel for my body. Throughout the whole year of cutting I ate in a caloric deficit.

I only really ate a carbohydrate meal around my workout, the rest of the day I would eat protein and healthy fats. I found meats to be the best source of protein, and nuts to be the best source of healthy fats.


Before and after back shot

Flex those wings Craig!

Be patient with the results, make sure you train with some intensity and don’t just mindlessly throw the weights around. Learn to control the weight, be persistent with it and create goals, so you can give yourself something to work towards.

My workout was a mixture. I used to do the popular “bro” split: chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders and legs. The workout I do now is from a bodybuilder called Ben Pakulski and is called MI40. It’s all about time under tension and I can really see some impressive gains from using it.

Not all plain sailing

sinking ship

Everyone loses their way at times

Unfortunately after this transformation I wanted to pack on as much muscle as I could so for 2 months I ate whatever I saw. That did not work out well at all, as I gained more fat than muscle. Instead, I would recommend going on a clean bulk if you’re looking to build muscle mass.

I am now currently following the MI40 programme and following the diet plan on that, I am cutting the fat that I had gained in that 2 month period and have gained some muscle as well.

The future

My future goals would maybe be to compete in bodybuilding. I’m currently studying fitness at college to get into the industry, so I will see where this takes me. My main goal in life is to help other people achieve their fitness goals, and maybe open up a gym.

I’m living the bodybuilding lifestyle both inside and outside of the gym; while people are horsing around (as Arnold would say), I am in the gym trying to better myself and better my body.

I was 17 years old on the left and am now 18 years old on the right, and do you want to know the best of it? I’m just getting started!

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