Tough Mudder Runners Ill From Poo

mud run faecal matter

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Tough Mudder is a lot of fun. You get mucky, you challenge yourself and you even get a drink at the end. There have been warnings of faecal matter being mixed in with the mud, but this takes the biscuit.

Around 8,400 folk got together to climb ropes, get electrocuted and crawl through a low of mud, in the French version of the event. But it turns out, there was something lurking within the brown stuff.

Nice’s Côte d’Azur doesn’t seem so “nice” any more.

What happened?

Obstacle course racing is a lot of fun. And the French event, named The Mud Day on the 20th of June seemed no different. However, after the first day, around 30 participants came down with a nasty batch of the runs, with a bit of vomiting thrown in.

Since then, more than a thousand other runners have complained.

The suspected cause is that animal faeces have combined with the muck. Many said they could smell the manure to begin with, so you have to wonder why it happened!

The organisers have said they are going to investigate the cause, however, according to event’s website, there have been no cases of hospitalisations.

Sales of loo roll have sky-rocketed however (we imagine).

The guy on the left says it all...

Image source: Twitter
The guy on the right says it all…

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