Matthew Topp’s creamy coconut curry

creamy curry

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Creamy coconut curry by Matthew Topp

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Why I like this recipe: It’s a great way to get a lot of healthy fats into your diet, whilst ingesting minimal carbs, and providing you with a ton of veggies and protein, for 4 whole meals!

Preparation time: 15-30 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ingredients (Serves 4)

Curry Sauce
• 600ml of coconut milk (diluted carton variety)
• 400ml Can of low fat coconut milk
• 28g Rapeseed/canola oil
• 1 1/2 Large onions
• 3-4 Cloves of garlic
• 3-5 Tbsps curry powder (depending on personal preference)
• 4 Eggs
• 500g Quorn chicken-style pieces
• 60g Unflavoured rice/pea protein
• 4 Carrots
• 2 Avocados
• 400g Peppers

Side veggies
• 800g Broccoli
• 400g Peas
• 200g Sweet corn
• 200g Shredded baby leaf spinach


1) Heat up a large wok, and add the 28g of Rapeseed Oil.
2) Once heated, dice and drop in the carrots and let them cook until they brown slightly, and become more translucent.
3) Dice the onion into large chunks, and add to the work, along with the Quorn chicken pieces.
4) Once the onions start to brown, throw in the garlic, peppers, and avocado.
5) After a couple of minutes throw in the eggs and the curry powder, and keep agitating(stirring) the wok contents, to make sure it is cooking evenly and not sticking.
6) Now once the onions are nicely browned and the eggs have binded to the contents, drop to a low-medium heat and stir in the tinned coconut milk slowly.
7) After it has been mixed in, then slowly pour in the 600ml of diluted coconut milk.
8) Let it simmer for about 5-10 minutes, ensuring it does not boil.
9) Now add in the rice/pea protein, and stir it in, to help thicken the sauce.
10) Lower the temperature to a low-med heat, and steam your side veggies(minus the spinach) in a steamer, or microwave.
11) Once the steamed veggies are done (around 5 minutes) divide your veggies and spinach up into 4 containers, and then ladle over your curry sauce.
12) Voila, you now have 4 meals worth of delicious curry, providing you with a lot of healthy fats, including MCT’s from the coconut, a whole heap of protein, from the powder, Quorn, and veggies, and lots of micronutrient goodness without the carbs!

Top Tip

If you prefer a more typical curry with rice, but want a low carb variety, you can either grate or very finely chop up a cauliflower head, then toss it in a bowl with some oil of your choice, and seasonings, then put it in the microwave with 2-3 tbsps of water for 2-3 minutes at medium heat.

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