Curlers who don’t curl in the squat rack

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Eve Muirhead tense in gym workout

“Someone is curling in the squat rack”
Source: Livedoor

Sochi 2014 has been hit by myriad problems, with Pussy Riot being whipped by cossacks, the opening gala encountering a few hitches, and a budget that could buy Whatsapp nearly 3 times.

But through all this muck, a few British athletes have shone. Today saw the British women’s curling team get bronze, and tomorrow the men will take their turn.

As any aspiring bodybuilder, sports person or athlete will know, you don’t get results without hard work. So here is the skipper, Eve Muirhead, showing how she works it in the gym.

eve muirhead weights workout

She knows her gym!
Source: Zephyr Global Report


The Super Girl of curling?
Source: Livedoor

Team gb curlers in gym

“Who are all these new people in the gym?”
Source: Facebook

Eve Muirhead half naked with scottish flag

Flying the flag for independence?
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Eve Muirhead doing squats

Everyone knows you need to do squats
Source: Instagram

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