Q&A with Daniel Price – Supplement Centre’s Most Hench

Supplement Centre's Most Hench Winner Daniel Price

Daniel Price talks…

It’s been a good year for Daniel Price.

He came first at the Welsh round of the UKBFF competition in September, he’s just been crowned Supplement Centre’s Most Hench and right now he’s bulking like a bear for winter!

We caught up with him to ask all the questions you want answers to. Here they are…

How does it feel to be crowned Supplement Centre’s Most Hench?

All of the competitors were of a fantastic standard, so I was extremely happy and surprised to have won Most Hench.

What supplements are you going to stack up on with the £250?

Due to the winter months I’m going to stock up on mass gainers to help keep my calorie intake up. I’ll also get the main ingredients to building a physique e.g. creatine, glutamine and BCAA’s.

How did you get into bodybuilding?

Growing up as a child I always had a keen interest in the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger and his physique. I eventually got into weights at quite a late stage in life.

Fortunately, the owner of my local gym was a competitive bodybuilding champion himself, this encouraged me and showed what was achievable.

What is your training and nutrition like?

I always give 110% to my training. I train hard 5 days a week with weights and incorporate at least 3 cardio sessions as well.

As for nutrition I am quiet strict and consistent with my diet. I incorporate various sources of protein e.g. egg whites, fish, red meat and poultry. I do allow myself one relaxed food day a week also.

How was competing at the Welsh leg of the UKBFF?

It was an amazing but also nerve wracking experience. The welsh leg of the UKBFF qualifiers always brings out the highest standard. I was over the moon to have won my class.

Now the trophy takes centre stage in the glass cabinet in my living room for all to see.

What are your bodybuilding plans going forward?

My competitive season will have to start in the later part of 2015 as my wife and I are expecting our 4th child towards the end of May!

What’s an average day like for you?

My day generally consists of taking care of my 3 amazing sons, prepping food for the day ahead and then training in the evening.

Any shout-outs?

I would like to thank my beautiful wife Rhiannon for all of her support in my career thus far, also my amazing sons for helping daddy be what he is today. I would also like to thank my prep coach Mr Mike Perry.

A massive thank you to all our friends on Facebook and twitter for the fantastic response in the Most Hench competition, without those votes and support I would never of won this. And finally thank you to you, Supplement Centre, for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to working with Supplement Centre in the Elite Athlete Program

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