8 ways to deal with New Year’s Resolution gym goers

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new years resolution


“This year I am going to join a gym.” We’ve all heard that before,you could have even said it yourself. Whether we like it or not, the gym is about to get busy.

So, to help you get through this testing period we have come up with eight simple methods to make the best of the situation.

Here goes!

Bodyweight training

2014 saw bodyweight training really take off. Whether that continues in 2015 or not remains to be seen. But if all the equipment is being used, then grab a bit of floor and learn some basic exercises. Here is a simple workout for you, you might want to try to get one weight if it’s free, if not, then just skip the exercise.

• 8 body weight squats
• 5 push ups
• 8 walking lunges
• 5 dumbbell rows (with weight if possible)
• 10 second plank (mix up plank type if possible)
• 10 star jumps

• Repeat 3 times.
• Rest period = 1 minute

Train at home

If the gym is like that scene in I Am Legend where all the rage/rabid zombie things are up against the glass, then stay at home. Use large bottles of milk, bags of rice, 5kg protein powder tubs etc as weights. Or pop down the shop and invest in some weights (you can always sell them in April).

It’s not perfect, but it will do.

Change your workout plan

In short, be flexible. There is no point in having steadfast rules at a time like this. Monday might be international chest day but if the line for the bench is 2343 people long, then why not do legs? Or, god forbid, why not try some cardio? Something in the gym will be free, so use it.

Make a NY Resolution of your own

If you’re waiting for the squat rack for 10 minutes, there is no point in going on Facebook and moaning about it. Why not learn a language? Read more? Learn more about muscle growth supplements? There are plenty of useful things you can fill your time with. And when you’ve finished learning how to say, “The weather is nice” in French, you’ll be at the front of the line for the rack.

GVT is your new best friend

If you finally get on a machine, or get access to a bar, then stick with it. German Volume Training takes time and has huge benefits. So, yes you are hogging the weight/machine but you are doing it with 100% justification.

Make new friends

More people = more possible pals. Say hello to people, you might get yourself a new spotter out of it. If you don’t drive, it’s another possible lift on leg day. By befriending the new members, you also have access to machines and weights when they are using them.

Join a bigger gym

While we think you should support your local gym, if it’s just too busy, it might be time to up sticks. Consider this a last resort.

Improve your attitude

We may well have listed all of these possible steps, but there is a simple answer – why not just go with the flow? If you lift, run or cycle, the chances are you think others should too. So why not say hello to as many people as possible? Why not offer advice instead of filming people with dangerously bad form? Yes, those sorts of videos are funny but it’s just an idea.

In short, practice what you probably preach.

Or workout at home…

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