In defence of the English breakfast

Full english breakfast fry up with a glass of orange juice.

Mmmm, grease…

The English breakfast has gained an infamous reputation, and yes, compared to the muesli mix from across the channel, it does appear a tad unhealthy.

That’s because it’s usually full of grease due to being made by a greasy chef in a greasy spoon café.

But hold on a minute! It’s actually full of protein too and a high protein breakfast is just what you need according to recent studies.

The study found that U.S teenagers who missed breakfast were more likely to become obese, so in theory eating an English breakfast helped to avoid obesity. Now we’re not saying eat a fry up every morning, oh no. That wouldn’t be wise. But start your day off with protein, as it will work wonders for you.

Here’s why you should take in the protein early and a few culinary tips on how you can enjoy your eggs, bacon and beans without the greasy guilt.

Dopamine booster

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Get your happy on.

Eating a breakfast high in protein boosts the levels of dopamine in your brain. What’s dopamine? Well, it’s a hormone associated with feelings of reward. It also regulates your cravings and the amount of food you feel you need to consume. So start the day of with a high protein breakfast supported with some bodybuilding supplements and you should be happy and craving-free until brunch.

Avoid snacking

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Snackoholics – quit, and eat some breaky instead!

Those that skip breakfast have lower levels of dopamine in their brain. If your levels of dopamine are low then you need to eat lots of food to boost your dopamine reserves to feel a sense of reward. So if you’ve missed breakfast, the odds are you’ll be snacking all morning and eating lots more throughout the day to reach a level of satisfaction. This leads to obesity in extreme cases.


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Start your day positively.

The aptly named artist, Francis Bacon said of breakfast, ‘Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper.’ In other words, a good breakfast provides the foundation for a positive day. The last thing you want is to be madly hungry all morning and then need to eat three lunches, as you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else other than food.


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Get preppin’.

To succeed in the bodybuilding/fitness game you need to be disciplined and it’s much easier to be disciplined if you have a daily routine. Eating a good breakfast is a really important part of that routine. Make the time to prepare it and it will serve you well and stop your mind looking for excuses when you’re trying to train.

Breakfast ideas

1. Greek yoghurt, oats and fruit bowl

Greek yoghurt is high in protein, mix with oats for slow release carbs and some fruit like strawberries and blueberries to get your vitamins. Add a little protein powder for an extra protein boost, and cook with almond milk. One seriously tasty high protein breakfast.

2. The English Breakfast

The protein levels are brilliant for sure, but it can be a pretty fatty feast if you’re not careful. We’re not saying saturated fat is bad (quite the opposite), but watch you’ll need to watch your portion sizes. And while you’re at it, rethink your preparation.

Try poached or scrambled eggs, grilled bacon and sausages and some steamed mushrooms and tomatoes. Just keep an eye on your calorie intake, do the maths and you’re good to go.

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