Eat Clean Super Bowl Snacks – The British way



The Super Bowl is nearly here.

In the United States it’s the main sporting event of the year, pulling in over 100 million viewers just in the US alone and viewing figures are picking up in the UK too.

To keep game time healthy, we got the very northern, very traditional Dominic Swift, to put together healthy alternatives to snacks frequently shoveled down the gullets of our sometimes overweight, often over emotional, cousins across the pond. And while we’re at it, he’s got the correct terms for you too.

Here goes.

1. ‘Potato Chips’ (Correct term: Crisps)

Protein Bites
(per 100g)
Doritos Nacho Cheese
(per 100g)
365 calories 500 calories
51g protein 7g protein
27g carbs (4g sugar) 57g carbs (0g sugar)
6g fat 29g fat

Protein Bites took the fitness world by storm when first released combining the indulgent crisp taste we know and love, with healthy nutritionals. Most importantly, they boast an impressive muscle busting protein content.

2. ‘Dips’ – (Correct term: Can’t think of a better one but, if you use ‘dip’ in the UK you should move to the US and take Mary-Beth to the movies)

Walden Farms Calorie Free Dip
(per 100g)
Waitrose Cheese and Chive Dip
(per 100g)
0 calories 529 calories
0g protein 4g protein
0g carbs (4g sugar) 6g carbs (3g sugar)
0g fat 54g fat

If you do go for the fat filled CRISPS, you could at least dunk them in the remarkable calorie free Walden Farms Dip. It tastes awesome and has an impressive nutritional profile.

3. ‘Candy Bar’ – (Correct term: Chocolate Bar)

Matrix High Protein Flapjack
(per 100g)
Mars Bar
(per 100g)
363 calories 449 calories
23g protein 4g protein
49g carbs (2g sugar) 69g carbs (60g sugar)
11g fat 17g fat

Swap the quick easy chocolate bar for a high protein flapjack. The nutritionals are great yet they still somehow manage to satisfy that sweet tooth. You could even jazz it up and try putting the flapjack in the microwave. Here’s a cheeky video on how to do it (filmed last easter).

4. ‘Soda’ – (Correct term: Pop/Fizzy drinks)

Matrix BCAA Raw
(per 100g)
Coca Cola
(per 335ml)
160 calories 160 calories
20g protein 0g protein
20g carbs (10g sugar) 42g carbs (42g sugar)
0g fat 0g fat

Although the tempting red sugar pot that is Coca Cola may be the go to beverage for the western world, try mixing it up with a muscle nourishing branch chain amino acid drink, which are also easy on the taste buds. Plus, with the energy you’ll get from a BCAA drink, you can shout at the TV like an angry American.

5. ‘Cookies’ – (Correct term: Round biscuit)

Matrix High Protein Cookies
(per 100g)
Maryland Double Choc Chip Cookies
(per 100g)
419 calories 488 calories
40g protein 6g protein
38g carbs (9g sugar) 53g carbs (32g sugar)
11g fat 23g fat

They’re even making muscle building high protein cookies now, reduce your sugars and stay healthy with these. Though they should be called round biscuits in my eyes!!!

Final word

If you are American and have been insulted by our words, we apologise. However we hope this has been a helpful article. Just remember it’s defence. Not de-fence.

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