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Are you struggling to motivate yourself to get down to the gym? No matter how dedicated you are, everyone has their ups and downs.

But how do you break through the inertia when you’re tired, short of time or under pressure from work, family commitments or both? And what about the dreaded plateau? If you’re having a tough time, or even if you’re not – this is for you…

A little inspiration courtesy of our top six film workouts. Sit back, relax and enjoy, then go to it!


Even James Bond has his off days; the wrong side of 40, the nation’s favourite assassin is beat up, and jaded. On paper he fails to make the grade, but when your name is Bond, it’s killer instinct that makes the difference. A never say die mentality coupled with a core of pure steel makes this most British of on screen heros an inspiration to us all.

The message is simple: You might be over the hill, but that’s no excuse to give up. Next time your alarm sounds and you really can’t be bothered, ask yourself, what would Bond, James Bond do?


There’s nothing like a plucky underdog to get us Brits backing the man most likely to lose. And when they win, we love it. With this in mind, enter the ultimate champ, Rocky Balboa. If it’s fighting spirit you’re short on, the fighter from Philly is your man. From the dawn downing of raw eggs, to panting up steps and grunting through his bench presses, Rocky’s work ethic is hard to fault.

Snappy dialogue might be in short supply, and as for the raw eggs, thank God we now have protein powder! But for those on the ropes of training lethargy, Rocky’s blood and guts determination, and sheer mindlessness over matter, will get you off the couch and down the gym faster than you can cry, Adrienne!

Chariots of Fire

You strive and you strive but you just can’t seem to achieve your training goals? Take a look at this clip from the 1981 classic, Chariots of Fire, and remind yourself why you want it. In the film, Abrahams runs to overcome class and racial prejudice, Liddell for the greater glory of God. These are weighty motivations, but being fit to enjoy time with your kids, or building your stamina to enter in your local 10k for charity, are great reasons to train.

If all else fails, Vangelis’s theme tune is inspirational stuff, and you could always get your butler to balance full champagne coupes on your hurdles – an effective if costly way to ensure you clear all the obstacles in your path to sporting success!


Are you running short of the belief you need to follow your fitness ambitions to fruition? This sequence from the 1983 romantic drama, Flashdance, will lift your chin and straighten your shoulders. Alex Owens has a big dream – she wants to be a dancer – but coming from the poor side of town, will she have the self belief to nail the audition for the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance and Repertory?

OK, so she sleeps with her boss and he uses his connections to help her along the way – but this is 1983 and attitudes were different. The point is, the girl has talent and a very lucky dog. And let’s face it, there’s nothing like 80s soft rock to get you moving. Go girl!

Ninja Assassin

You’ve done everything on your training plan, but the results just won’t come? Don’t worry, it’s a common problem – even Ninjas struggle sometimes. But what to do? Check out this clip from Ninja Assasin. Why? Because even when a ninja can’t see the sword, he still anticipates his attacker’s next move.

We’re talking intuition. If your training plan isn’t bearing fruit, go with your gut, because chances are, deep down you know what the problem is and how to fix it. And think yourself lucky you don’t have to do handstands on a bed of nails!

Run Fatboy Run

Are you a washed up couch potato with a TV remote instead of a girlfriend, and a spare tyre where your six pack should be? Don’t despair, reach for your running shoes. But before you head out of the door, make sure you watch this classic Brit flick.

Proof positive you don’t have to be a natural athlete to get in shape and get the girl, ‘Run Fatboy Run’ is more than the name of a romantic comedy, it should be your mantra. Jog your jiggling jowls off and just like Dennis, in no time, you’ll be running marathons and impressing the girl of your dreams.

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