Extreme street workouts

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street workout

Impressive body strength

‘Street workout’, also known as ‘freestyle calisthenics’, ‘ghetto workout’ or even ‘prison workout’ is coming to a park near you.

Yep that’s right, the new craze in strength and fitness training is all about the outdoors.

Big in the United States and former Eastern Bloc countries, the sport is part calisthenics, part gymnastics, part athletics. Exercise on parallel bars, chinning bars, metal poles, and anything the urban environment has to offer.

And the results are awesome: a ripped, lean, mean physique and the agility of a panther.

Not convinced? Take a look at our video collection. You’ll be blown away.

Check out the Czechs

A video from the Czech Republic. We don’t know to what extent these guys use traditional training methods and supplements like whey protein and creatine to get the fitness and strength to do this. But however they train for it, their street workout is awesome. Two dudes using an outdoor gym / play park / grab rails on a train and bollards at a tube station to display their awesome skills.

Russian madness

If you like your workouts to be intense, you won’t get more intense than this gem from Russia. However, we don’t advise you follow the example of these guys. A workout is never worth losing your life over!

Go girls!

Street workout isn’t just for the guys. Ladies – check out this offering from Ukraine. A training regime that’ll get you in the shape of your life. How’s this for ‘girl power’?

Vintage athleticism

73 and 82 year olds owning the bar in Ukraine – speedos alert! Think street workout is just for the young and nimble? Think again. Whatever your age, you can gain from outdoor bodyweight exercises. Our only advice –  leave the budgie smugglers at home!

Start young

Good habits established early in life set the trend for a healthy active future. If your kids are addicted to computer games or too fond of lounging on the sofa, this amazing kid from Bulgaria will give them the rocket they need!


Street workout may be an underground art, but increasingly, it’s evolving into a vibrant, competitive scene. Check this footage from the world’s first ever street workout world cup in New York city.  

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