Fat to Fit: Liam’s fitness journey

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Liam Heaton before and after

Talk about transformation

Losing fat and gaining strength means a total lifestyle overhaul. Sound like hard work?

Well, it is!

Meet 17-year-old Liam Heaton. Fed up of being overweight, he decided to do something about it. Prepare to be inspired! Take it away Liam…

In the beginning

At the age of 16 I weighed an incredible 16 stone and 6 pounds. Bordering on obese and getting abuse at school, I decided to turn my life around. Over the past year I’ve made big changes in my life. Losing 4 stone 6 pounds doesn’t just happen overnight. This took months of preparation and lots of dedication. It meant getting up early before school, eating the right nutrients and staying motivated, and eventually I achieved my goal. Now I want to inspire others to do the same.

Eating is 80% of the battle

80% of any transformation in anybody’s body is diet, so you have to be strict with yourself. The most important macronutrient for me was protein. Protein is crucial as it helps the repair and growth of your main muscle groups, which you will be using daily whilst on this kind of diet. Chicken, tuna and egg whites all worked well for me. As well as protein I made sure to eat a few complex carbs throughout the day, such as brown rice, mixed nuts, and dried fruits.

Supplement success

The main supplement I would reccomend to anybody inspired by my achievements, would be diet whey protein. A diet whey protein shake can replace a meal. You can also take it after exercise to refuel your body with the right nutrients. I also liked using pre-workout to give me a caffeine and energy boost. I’d also recommend BCAA’s and fat burners in your diet, both of which I used.

Workout right

I started the day with cardio. Getting up early was always the hardest part, but an hour’s cardio in a morning is a positive way start to your day. Midday I would do a weight session. This meant I kept the strength in my body high and also meant I gained a little bit of size, alongside losing fat.

Stick with it

Burning fat is not easy, and it takes a strong mind to go the whole way and to finish the marathon. But the results at the end will be incredible. You will look back and see that it was such a worthwhile, life changing journey. The route to fat loss can be very lonely, with exercise and diet ruling your life, but once you see the results in your mirror, it becomes a lifestyle.

The hardest thing I found about my journey was staying motivated, so I can easily understand why a lot of people fail within 3 weeks of their plan. Massive fat loss is a waiting game, but once you’ve got over the first hurdle – which for me, was seeing results – you’re on your way to a successful journey.

The results I got where absolutely extraordinary, but the best part is, anybody can do it. Let me know how your journey goes and contact me with any questions or tips you have.

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