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Well hello there pecs

The Supplement Centre Gym survey has revealed people feel sexier after going to the gym.

In fact, an impressive 74% said that they felt sexier after a gym session. So people, the proof is in the (low fat, high protein) pudding — sexy time follows gym time.

But why do so many of us feel sexed up after training in the gym? Well, it’s highly likely that some of the following reasons would be opted for in a multiple-choice survey.

School of physical perfection

Back in the day, in Ancient Greece, a gymnasium was a place where competitors in the public games met to train and engage in intellectual pursuits, before competing naked. In fact the clue is in the name as gymnasium comes from the word gymnós, which means naked.

The practice of competing nude was said to encourage the appreciation of the male body and please the gods. After hard work and training the sculptured body was something to show off and impress others with. So it’s fairly safe to assume the gym has sexy roots.

Finding your rhythm

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger …”

You’ve heard that simple, but affective mantra of repetition from the digital music producers (and accidental life coaches) Daft Punk, right?

If you’re stronger, you can train harder, better and faster, which makes you even stronger to train even harder, better and faster. This also applies to other areas of your life too (nudge, nudge, wink). If you feel fit and healthy, you’re likely to look fit and healthy too.

You are what you eat – so eat optimism

The mind and body are closely aligned, so a bad diet containing too much fat, sugar, and artificial ingredients will affect your outlook and energy levels. This can result in decreased motivation, erratic mood swings and also problems with the old libido.

Eating healthily, losing excess weight and looking after your body with sessions at the gym will have the reverse effect and top up your energy levels. Improving your state of mind will increase your desire to achieve and obstacles will be overcome. That’s an attractive mindset.

Hench — a work of art

The dedicated pursuit of getting hench is more than a hobby for some of us, it is our life’s work. To dedicate oneself to a long-term project can be mightily rewarding and many of us feel a great sense of pride when time on the bench begins to create the hench.

To transform an overweight or thin frame into an impressively muscular one requires discipline, determination and and the odd protein powder shake!. Eventually that hard work pays off and owning a stronger, more muscular body just feels powerful and sexy. That’s art right there.

Testosterone — Viagra not needed

As many of you will know already, testosterone is a hormone associated with muscle growth, energy levels and sex drive. In other words testosterone is a major player when it comes to feeling sexy after the gym.

With the right kind of gym work out, your testosterone levels can reach high levels, and high testosterone usually results in an increased appetite for the other sort of work out. So don’t waste your money on the viagra — go to the gym.

Be careful though as overtraining produces the stress hormone cortisol, which counteracts testosterone and breaks down muscle. So opt for short, but intense compound routines focusing on the larger muscles.

More appealing to the opposite sex

Whether you join a gym for a few weeks after the Christmas indulgence or have been a dedicated visitor for years, the message remains the same — you mean business.

It’s not always going to be easy and sometimes you may feel like quitting, but so long as you’re focused and determined and you will get into shape. Eventually you will find a rhythm and be encouraged by the way you look and feel. Toned, ripped or just dropping some weight, whatever you achieve in the gym is likely to be noticed. This is when everything starts to perk up in every sense.

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