5 reasons female bodybuilders are awesome

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Muscled woman against the scratched grunge background

Bodies of steel

Last week we posted some pics of the ‘Young the buff and the beautiful’, among the budding bodybuilding stars we featured some women.

Some of the comments we received in response were negative, to say the least. It’s a free country – you can think what you like – but here are some pretty good reasons to see the positive in what these women are doing.

Female bodybuilders are awesome, because they…

1. Challenge limited beauty ideals

Female bodybuilders are role models. They show young girls you can be big and stunning, just as you can be small and stunning, and everywhere in between. Women who lift heavy are doing it for themselves, and showing girls everywhere how to adopt a positive attitude to body image.

The UK has the highest rate of eating disorders, anorexia and self harm in Europe. That’s according to the organisation, Anorexia and Bulimia Care, who also report that in the last four years, 3800 under 18s have ended up in hospital with an eating disorder. The figure includes 163 girls under the age of ten. Worse still, the figures show an increase of 10% over that time. It goes without saying, we need positive female role models.

2. Demonstrate sporting excellence

British sports women are taking the world by storm, and few more so than Olympic weightlifter, Zoe Smith. She has just become only the second British female weightlifter to medal at the European Championships, overcoming career threatening injuries to take the bronze in the competition at Tel Aviv.

We can’t over emphasise the importance of positive role models. The UK is the fattest nation in Europe, with 40% of men overweight and over 20% obese, and the problem is especially worrying in the young. We need positive role models like never before. We need to celebrate our sporting stars, because they inspire young people to take up exercise.

3. Remind us how far we’ve come

Time was when men dominated women, but who wants to live in the dark ages? We’re talking human rights. Before 1857, if you wanted a divorce, you needed an act of parliament. Then the divorce act was passed and for the first time, couples could legally separate. But whereas infidelity was sufficient reason for a man to divorce his wife, for a woman, it wasn’t. She also had to prove her husband was mistreating her.

That was because women had few rights. We’ve come a long way since then. Thankfully today no one can dictate what you should think, do, or look like. Don’t agree? Check out the Human Rights Act.

4. Make your granny stronger

Women who lift don’t just look great, they can also help your granny stay healthy. You think role models are just for the young? Think again. When women hit the menopause, their oestrogen levels plummet, making them susceptible to the disabling bone condition, osteoporosis. But research shows weight bearing exercise can really help stave off the disease.

Our stunning bodybuilding women inspire others to take care of their bodies. They show sisters of all ages that working out can help keep you healthy and stronger for longer.

5. Live life on their own terms

It’s not an easy life, being a female bodybuilder. Life revolves around bossing it at the gym, taking the right bodybuilding supplements and seemingly endless meal prep!  But for them, it’s a way of life they are 100% dedicated to, and that deserves respect.

We’re not saying everyone would want to build themselves an epic body of steel. But doing so proves it’s OK to be yourself. And that’s priceless.

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