Fitness Round-Up: Dorian Yates And Gym Errors


Agree with Dorian?

July 2015. A month that saw England’s cricketers be heroes, villains and heroes again.

It also saw Andy Murray revert to being Scottish after not winning Wimbledon, and of course, an idiot dentist murdered an innocent lion.

Oh and in the world of fitness, these were the highlights…

1. The 42 best arms in Hollywood history

From Terry Crews to Stone Cold Steve Austin, these 21 men have some serious guns. Who is your number one?

2. Aly Raisman in nude shoot for ESPN

There is a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way. If a woman gets “too” muscley, she’ll be considered “man like”. But Raisman brilliantly challenges those perceptions with this rather revealing shoot.

3. Floyd Mayweather stripped of title

Some seemed to know it was going to happen before the fight, but when Pacquiao lost to Mayweather, he lost a title. Floyd, then lost that title himself.

4. The protein quiz

How much protein is in quinoa? And are you better off with Anabolic protein powder or a steak? You lot tried in your thousands to guess, and not many of you got 100% right.

5. How to protect your joints if you lift

We’re not trying to blow our own trumpet, as this is our blog again. BUT, you guys seemed very interested in joint protection,and that, is a good thing.

6. Supplement Centre Elite Athlete makes a national paper

Adam Foster used to be a “fat kid”. Here he tells a national newspaper how he turned it all round, and is now one mentally ripped gym rat.

7. 7 mistakes that skinny gym newbies makes

Our last bit of trumpet blowing; we wrote this as a way to stop new folk getting the basic wrong. By the amount of clicks it got (there were a lot) we can only assume that a lot of you were worried, or skinny, or both.

8. Dorian Yates on life as a bodybuilder

Here at Supplement Centre, we really, really dislike the use of performance enhancing drugs. Dorian Yates seems less concerned.

9. What a can of Coca Cola does to you

The Mail Online is a wonderful place full of some useless, and some very helpful articles. This infographic (which they didn’t produce) is an interesting look at what goes on when you drink the fizzy stuff. We’ll stick to our bodybuilding supplements thanks.

10. Dorian Yates on drugs

Part two of his interview series with The Express. He doesn’t really go into it as much as we’d like, but this created a good discussion on Facebook at least.

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