The Fitness Round-Up: Dwarf love and a hench kangaroo

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A dog, a Policeman and a sports bra walked into a bar…

April has been and gone, and in its wake, its left behind a whole manner of stories, some good, some bad.

The bad featured Katie Hopkins, the Baltimore riots and of course, the tragic events in Nepal; we hope for all those involved in the latter two, that things end okay.

But, just like when you get your delivery of discount supplements, good stuff has happened too. Many have ran the London Marathon, AP McCoy finished his wonderful career and a dwarf bodybuilder found love…

And that is where we will begin.

1.Dwarf bodybuilder finds love with transgender woman

You probably couldn’t make up such an awesome headline, but the legend that is Anton Kraft has begun dating the 6’3’ China Bell. A sight for sore eyes.

2. Five of the toughest workouts you’ll ever do

You do have to take such a bold headline with a pinch of salt, but the idea is sound. Some seriously challenging workouts for even the hardest of hardcore gym rats. Disclaimer: it does include a CrossFit workout

3. The new basic FBI fitness test

The FBI get a bad rap in Hollywood, and in fairness, if this is the standard fitness test, it’s fair enough. We put this on Facebook, and you mob derided it for being too soft!

4. Has gay panic ruined bodybuilding?

Apart from one chap, we didn’t get much in the way of comments, but it was actually our second most clicked article of the month. Can’t think why people didn’t comment?

5. A buff kangaroo

Metro is always at the forefront of hard hitting journalism, and here is a picture of a kangaroo with big muscles.

6. 15 pictures that prove bros shouldn’t let bros skip leg day

If you can see past the photoshoppery, then this is quite entertaining. You lot agreed with (at the last count) over 7250 of you clicking to have a gawp at the lack of leg day!

7. 3 ways to prevent post exercise soreness

DOMS is an odd one, some of you love it, some of you hate it, but how do prevent it? That’s where the helpful people at Breaking Muscle come in.

8. 19 reasons working out with big boobs is the worst

One for the ladies. Because what man would want to read an article about breasts and their bounciness?

9. The top 10 strongest animals

In our celebration of Earth Day, we listed the most hench animals we could find. The strongest was a surprise…

10. Police fitness tests proposals deemed “too tough”

We shared this, and it was fair to say you disagreed with the current regime, and the idea that any change is too tough. Could you pass the current test? Probably.

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