Fitness Round-up: Religious wife swapping and much more


Wonder if Phil Heath wife swaps?

Another month on in our relentless march through time, and that means more blogs, articles and a plethora of odd findings from the internet.

This time, the devout Christian-bodybuilder-wife swappers are a particular highlight. Especially if you are into that sort of thing…

And by that “thing”, we of course mean bodybuilding…not wife swapping..oh whatever, here goes…

1. 22 signs a guy will beat you in a fight

We don’t condone fighting unless it’s for sport, but if you are particularly annoyed, take a good look at your opponent before unleashing a haymaker.

2. Five bodybuilding supplements you’ve never heard of (but should be taking)

What do bees, a holiday in sunnier climes and an edible aphrodisiac all have in common?

3. 3 is a magic number

Coming in at number 3 (this isn’t really a chart). An article with, but not 100% about, a picture of 3 scantily clad identical blonde girls.

4. The 1200lb squat

Whether it’s in metric or imperial, that’s a lot of weight. Even Mariusz Pudzianowski would struggle.

5. 50 golden rules of fitness

Follow these rules and you are guaranteed success. Agree?

6. Phil Heath: Mr Olympia champion

Was Kai Greene robbed? Is Phil Heath the ultimate champ? So many questions…

7. 3 tips for fat loss and muscle gain

Bulking season is pretty much here. But not for everyone. James Stirling gives you 3 simple tips to burn some fat.

8. The man with 29 inch biceps

“I know what’s a good idea, I’ll inject synthol into my arms” – read this if you want to read about moronic behaviour

9. 5 best exercises for a bigger chest

A no nonsense approach to building a bigger chest. Keep it simple and the gains will come.

And finally, as promised…

10. Christian bodybuilders want to share the word of god by sharing bodily fluids

If that doesn’t want to make you click, nothing will…

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