Fitness Round-Up: Butter, skin and iron man


Fancy a brew, bench press or Marvel based battle?

Santa Claus is coming to town, it’s cold outside and the arguments about whether Die Hard is a Christmas film have begun again. (It is 100% a Christmas film).

If you haven’t done your Xmas shopping yet, we’ve got a whole host of offers lined up for you, but until then, here’s some coffee with butter in it, a strongly worded opinion on overweight people and some useful tips on how to improve your bench press.

It’s the November fitness roundup.

1. 12 simple strategies to boost your bench press…

…and save your shoulders. You guys lapped this up. Who doesn’t like easy to digest really helpful tips?

2. Loose skin after weight loss

So you’ve lost a lot of weight? Go you! But what to do with all the leftover skin? Answer. Don’t be ashamed. Just look at this guy.

3. And the most hench is…

You voted in your thousands, but there could only be one winner. Here he is…

4. 20st porker to 12st beefcake

Al WIlson, now a member of the Elite Athlete Programme, tells of his amazing body transformation.

5. The 14 year old bodybuilder

He’s probably bigger than you…

6. 10 tips for building muscle

Get these 10 tips right and everything else will fall into place.

7. The 7 people at the gym ruining your workout

The super intense personal trainer, the sweaty guy and overly loud grunter; all are listed in the fine compendium of annoyance.

8. Bulletproof coffee: a step too far?

It’s not like we wrote about it ages ago or anything…

9. The beautiful ones

Kevan Wilson is, in the eyes of the blog team, a legend. But is he right with his opinion on overweight people?

10. 30 IronMans in 30 days

Tony Stark couldn’t even manage this. Respect, even if he is slightly bonkers.

That’s it for another month. We’re expecting a Christmas riddled month in December. So tune in for a review of the whole year at the end of the month.

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