The Fitness Round-Up: February 2015


What did you do in February?

28 days later and February is done. It always passes us by quickly, which is good because we get paid quicker, but it does mean less time for gains!

Okay, two or three days isn’t going to make a massive difference if you are trying to add muscle mass, even if you do miss out on a few days of bodybuilding supplements.

But let us forget the days we lost, and remember the day we had. More importantly, let’s take a look at the fitness stories from the February.

1. 5 reasons why squats are better than leg presses

You probably think that squats are best, if the reaction on Facebook was anything to go by. But why are they best? You could do both by the way…

2. 21 reasons not to join a gym

Fancy a giggle? This is the first of 3 articles from the superb Breaking Muscle, who now have a British version of the site!

3. The countries with the best and worst diets

It isn’t Iceland, despite what several of you thought. Clue: the country is also a name!

4. Meet the fitsters

Though we tried our hardest to spell the word “fitster” correctly, it apparently means “idiot” to many of you.

5. 7 workouts to improve your sex life

Was your Valentine’s Day a disappointment? Seems you lot lapped up our article on workouts to improve your ability in the bedroom, so possibly not.

6. 3 reasons you don’t squat more

Breaking Muscle again! And squats again! We all love them, but why can’t do you do more?

7. Female bodybuilders are sexy

An article devoted to women who lift. Need we say more?

8. How fast can I build muscle naturally?

The friendly chap at Nerd Fitness answers this basic question, using Captain America, Homer Simpson and Katniss Everdeen. As you do.

9. 3 signs weight lifting isn’t for you

The final piece from the British Breaking Muscle! Are you full of excuses?

10. 6 things to give up for lent

Religious or not, lent is a great time to give up something naughty. We even think that by not swearing, you’ll improve your fitness. Honestly.

So 28 days later, and we’re still here. The fitness world continues, and we hope to bring you the best of the best of the best of the stories it has to offer. Til next time.

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