Fitness Round-up: Loose Bowels, Big Breakfasts and Gym Newbies


Toilet and food – lovely combo

January, the month of no alcohol, gyms crammed full of newbies and warning after warning from tabloids that we are all going to freeze to death.

As well as all that, there’s also been a whole host of crazy fitness stories. From a look back at the man who lost bowel control mid marathon, to the tragic passing of model, Greg Plitt.

Here’s the January fitness roundup.

1. Amy Champion’s body transformation goes national

We might have already covered Amy Champion before, but her rise is becoming meteoric. Last week she featured in several papers, telling her weight loss story.

2. The runner who shat himself

We shared this at lunch time, for some reason, but you lot all wanted to read it! But comedy aside, it’s actually a pretty inspirational tale.

3. How to deal with gym newbies

“OH MY GAWD MY GYM IS FULL!” That’s probably a sentence that crossed your mind in January, and we told you how to deal with it.

4. 15 words that have a different meaning when you get fit

Ripped. Hench. We know what they mean, but apparently there are other meanings too?

5. Our top 5 pre-workout foods

We’d love bacon to be a pre-workout food, but we couldn’t find space for it. So pasta will have to do eh?

6. Mother and daughter with combined weight of 43 stone get £34k a year in benefits AND refuse to diet

Rage wasn’t the word when we shared this.

7. The 8000 calorie breakfast

Bradley Cooper reportedly ate 8000 calories a day for his role in American Sniper. All he needed was this.

8. 9 workplace worries only lifters will understand

If you are reading this at work, then you’re very naughty!

9. Greg Plitt killed by train

A tragic, horrible story. You clicked in your thousands (our most clicked link EVER actaully). But why was he on the train tracks in the first place?

10. Breaking down the fitness fads of 2014

Let’s finish with a look at 2014. The good the bad and the ugly of the fads of last year.

January is done! If you stayed alcohol free or managed to maintain your diet for more than a week, let us know! If not, then GET BACK ON IT! Oh and go to the loo before you run.

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