Fitness Round Up: Ronda Rousey & FitBit Sex


How was your August?

August saw Usain Bolt smash an athletics villain (twice), England regain The Ashes and the Premier League get back under way.

But of course, it also saw yet more stories of fitness, bodybuilding and myriad scare stories raise their head.

But what made our list of the best of the best?

1. Why Rounda Rousey is such a big deal

If Ronda Rousey farts, it seen as an indication of her desire to fight Mayweather, or to take the next step to UFC greatness. But why?

2. The 12, 6, 3 Leg Workout

James Stirling of Matrix Nutrition offers a free workout designed to build legs at a serious rate of knots. Don’t skip leg day.

3. Real life Popeye with 19 inch forearms

No diagnosable illness, no addiction to an activity normally associated with adolescent teenagers, just massive forearms that give him a slight advantage when it comes to armwrestling. .

4. Overuse of protein powder is an “eating disorder”

We love protein powder, so we’re not really sure we agree with this one. And in truth, neither did you. But it’s an interesting read.

5. Why do wrestlers so often die young?

A tragic question, that on Facebook, you were all happy to answer. What do you think?

6. 7 deadly nutrition sins

Greed, envy, sloth etc etc, we weren’t clever enough, and didn’t think, to write the sins in that style, but we did come up with an interesting article, if we say so ourselves!

7. Woman wears FitBit during sex

Apparently some of the Reddit comments, where the graph of her performance was posted, were less than complimentary. I disagree, they did well, I imagine anyway…

8. 6 top tips for triceps

We explain how to build the Andrew Ridgeley of muscles…bear with us.

9. What do Premier League footballer eat every day?

Quinoa, porridge, sushi; it’s all on the menu for a modern day footballer. What was wrong with a fry up?

10. Guy gets locked in gym: freaks out

Why would you freak out if you got stuck in a gym?! Just take all the supplements and crack on with some bicep curls. Either way, this guy got a bit scared!

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