Fitness Round-up: Massive legs, a massive man and beer


What’s he so happy about?

Halloween, clocks changing and the leaves all starting to die. Yep October has been and gone, so now we’ll look at what happened on the world wide web.

We’ve got a man with a suspiciously large forearm, “proof” that alcohol can be consumed and not hinder performance, and a rather handy leg day workout.

It’s the fitness roundup for October.

The heroes of running

Ever met Dave Goodybag or Sven Svensen? No, well you can meet them here along with 5 other runners with terrible hair. P.s. Yes this blog is from September, but it’s funny so let’s break the rules!

The world plank record

“I know what to do, I’ll get good at planking. Then I’ll plank for over four hours and get in all the papers.” – well it seems to have worked.

57 stone man has huge fitness following

We’ve posted about him on Facebook several times. MASSIVE legend, if you excuse the pun. Go #TeamLarry

21 secrets girls who lift won’t tell you

Ladies: can you please explain why you kept these secret? Men: how many are you guilty of too?

2 top tips for bigger legs

You never miss leg day do you? No. So here are 2 tips to make those days even better. And the DOMS even worse!

20 worst people at the gym

Farters, naked people, machine hoggers; they’re all bad but do they make the list?

The man with ONE huge arm

Arm wrestling. Is it a sport? We think so, and this guy is the don.

How to stay ALCObolic

Drinking booze is surely bad for gains and physical fitness? Propane Fitness take a look at the truth.

15 clean eating kitchen staples

Get rid of the cupboards full of cake and chocolate, and fill them with all this goodness.

Why get a personal trainer?

If you scrimp and save and look to squeeze every penny out of life, you might not want to get a personal trainer. But should you fork out for one?

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