Should Mayweather train like Rocky?


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Dog optional.

According to recent reports and images from social media, Floyd Mayweather has taken on a “Rocky style” workout that incorporates things like chopping wood and hitting things with sledgehammers.

So, not wanting to miss the opportunity to watch clips of Rocky, we look at whether this “throwback training” is really such a good idea. After all, he wouldn’t want all that hard work to go to waste. Especially as tickets are going for above $200,000!

Let’s start in 1976…

Rocky I

Rocky begins with a slow jog, adding an extra element in with the innovative use of bricks as weights. As he runs, he is thrown some fruit, presumably a well placed “nutritionist” offering him a sugar boost akin to an energy drink. Protein powder would be our choice.

He then makes it to the gym for some bicep building single arm push ups. In order to build his core, he brings in some sit ups and takes a few cheeky punches, in order to build his resistance. He then goes to the meat factory and beats the crap out of some carcasses; improving punch speed and overall strength. This HIIT style routine is highly effective for building muscle and burning fat, and is finished with a stair sprint and a small dance.

What should Mayweather copy?
In order to maintain general hand health, he would be wise to ignore the carcass based training, but the single arm push ups would be a wise addition to any routine.

Rocky II

This time, Rocky makes greater use of surroundings and equipment. Adding in a sledgehammer style workout, much like you would see in a CrossFit routine. In fact, the pull ups, odd log carry jumps and use of medicine balls are all synonymous with the often maligned field of CrossFit.

For cardio, Rocky brings in the well known skipping rope, and the lesser known “chicken chasing” technique. After some more traditional boxing routines, Rocky goes for a run, once again finishing in stair sprints. This time, presumably as part of a community outreach programme, he brings the neighbourhood with him too.

What should Mayweather copy?
Chicken chasing would be a good way to improve speed, though it could bring up ethical questions. He’d be wise to skip, as this is great for speed and cardiovascular health.

Rocky III

An early morning run, presumably some form of fasted cardio, is where he starts things off. Bringing in sprints to help build hamstrings and improve his intensity. Rocky has clearly not been skipping leg day, as the close ups of his quads show.

The rest, is pretty straightforward. lots of work on punching speed, foot speed and a bit of swimming for an all round body workout thrown in. It finishes with a sprint, a hug and a bit of a splash in the water.

What should Mayweather copy?
The traditional boxing aspects of the workout are a must. However, he may want to skip the sprints at this point in his training, in case he pulls a muscle. Swimming is perhaps a better idea as it won’t put the same stress on his joints, but will still help with both strength and stamina.

Rocky IV

He begins with some intense skipping, and a rather perilous routine designed to build the core. This core workout is then advanced as he chops wood, also working his arms. As Rocky moves onto an overhead tricep rope extension, he is once again looking to build his arms and punching power.

Back to core, and Rocky performs a number of dragonflags. He then follows this with an array of strength exercises, including something similar to an overhead press. The routine is finished by escaping the KGB as he goes out for a winter jog.

What should Mayweather copy?
There isn’t much he shouldn’t. For all round fitness, this routine is pretty spot on, he just needs to ensure his form is sound in order to avoid injury. He could perhaps refrain from the perilous crunches. Oh and avoid the KGB.

Rocky V

Sadly, as well as being pretty terrible, there was no Rocky training montage in Rocky V. And no video we found was worthy of sharing.

Rocky VI

An older Rocky works out in a much more traditional manner. He starts with another uphill jog then brings in some pull ups. After a bench press and a rather confused looking kettlebell routine, he gets his dog.

He then mixes a combination of squats, bent over rows, chain lifts and unbalanced press ups. After incorporating some CrossFit-esque sledgehammer and barrel work, he goes back to punch bags and carcasses and then lifts his dog as he makes it to the top of the stairs.

What should Mayweather copy?
A garbage film but out of all the workouts to copy, this is probably the best for Floyd. It is all encompassing and would really help his strength. From a nutrition perspective, there is no need to eat raw eggs as less of the protein is absorbed than when it is cooked. He’d be much better off with some muscle growth supplements.

Floyd’s version of Rocky

In truth, we’re not impressed.

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