FST Fitness

FST fitness

FST fitness

FST Fitness has an energy and a sense of community like no other. We welcome everyone who walks through the door as long as they are willing to commit and work hard.

Everyone starts from the bottom and works up progressively, everyone foam rolls and warms up, everyone hurts in the classes, everyone pushes, everyone lifts, everyone trains together and everyone progresses.

We also offer a fitness programme available to download. It is a strength and high intensity fitness program designed to improve strength, build lean muscle, increase aerobic fitness and burn fat.  

Centred around the four main movements squats, deadlifts, push and pull movements, the programme will encourage you to go as heavy as possible.

Click here to read more about our programme.

Website: www.fstfitness.com
Contact number: 0161 228 1131
Email: info@fstfitness.com
Address: 65 – 67 Lever street, Manchester, M1 1FL
Monthly membership: £40 – £50

Facility, Available
Swimming pool, No
Sauna / steam room, No
Onsite shop, Yes
Personal training, Yes
Fitness classes, Yes
Onsite parking, Yes

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