7 Tips for More Gains in Less Time

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Push it. See what we did there?

Most of us are busy, and one thing that busy people do not have, is time.

So if you’re one of those ultra busy people, who also likes to stay fit, then do not despair.

Because we reckon we have the ultimate tips for maximising every second of your workout.

1. Have a plan

If you rock up at the gym and start thinking about what you are going to, perhaps while drinking a protein shake, then you are wasting time. Have the shake before you go, and from the moment you step through the door, you should have plan A, plan B and plan C. That means if you go in, meaning to work on X and the machines or weights you need are taken, you can quickly skip to Y and so on.

The best way to plan, is to decide on the different body parts you need to hit up, and decide on a series of exercises you can get done within the time you want to be at the gym.

Remember to factor in rest times, and give yourself more exercises than you need, again in case things you need are taken.

Whatever you do, do not just turn up and aimlessly walk from from station to station.

2. Cut the chat

The gym can be an opportunity to make friends, but if you trying to maximise what you get done, just don’t chat to other folk.

Stick your earphones in, and if anyone does try and engage with conversation, just give them a polite nod or say, “Sorry bud, will catch up another time.”

After all, there is no need to be rude.

3. Cut down the rest period

A rest period is vital to get the most out of your workout. But your rest period should not become a wait. Time your rest period and you won’t lose any vital muscle building time.

60-120 seconds is optimal for general muscle growth. Powerlifters may need more, but if you aren’t a powerlifter, don’t go longer than the magic two minutes.

As your rest period is ending you should be ready for your next set. Not sitting around looking at cats on Instagram.

4. Go at the right time

After work, around 6pm, is always the busiest time at a gym. So, if you are normally stuck for time, don’t go then.

If you can find a 24/7 gym then you can go when you want, and with that, find out the quietest time to go.

Ideally, you want to find a time that is just before something you have to get to. This will mean that the time you have to leave is concrete, and you cannot be late. Just don’t make it a job interview, as no one wants you to turn up all sweaty.

5. Be efficient

Easier said than done. But so often we see workouts posted on social media, and they smack of overkill. Working your muscle groups effectively, is better than working them for endurance. So research the muscle group you want to work, and find a workout that does the optimal amount of training.

With that in mind, you also need to watch your rep ranges. There is no golden rule on rep ranges, as it largely depends on the muscle group and the exercise. But if you keep going and going, you’ll again be working on endurance; not making gains.

You should also consider supersets as they allow you to get a lot done, in a short time, and you should split your days into very specific muscle groups, to maximise the impact each workout has.

6. Ditch the aids

Straps, chalk, and gloves can go.

They might save your hands and give you vital assistance, but using them (or it), means more time spent setting up and stripping down workout stations.

Instead, only do workouts where you know you won’t require any aids. Or, for grip and an extra element of difficulty to your session, use a big bar grip. They increase your workload and are easy to put on and off.

7. Embrace machines

This is not a request to start experimenting with that machine that Howard Wolowitz built in The Big Bang Theory . Machines you find in the gym might not be for the hardcore, but they take less time setting up, and you just have to give them a quick wipe when you’re done.

They also isolate the muscle group that you are working on, making them perfect for an attack in a small space of time.

Free weights are still the favourite for most things, but if you don’t have the time, get on the machine.

In short…

Don’t talk to anyone, use machines and cut your breaks down to a minimum. It might not be as “fun” as your usual workout, but if you have somewhere you need to be, it gets the job done. Just remember to have a shower before that interview.

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