You can now get ripped with PornHub…kind of

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Can you really shag to get in shape?

You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re a bunch of sexed up teenagers on this here blog.

Not only have we shown you the workouts that help your sex life, but we’ve also had an in depth look at sex and HIIT. So when we saw that PornHub has released their own fitness programme, called Bangfit, we thought we’d take a look.

Is a sex based fitness programme really worth it?

What is Bangfit?

In short, it’s the new workout regime, “scientifically” created by the guys and girls at the world’s most famous porn site. It is based around sexercise, which is pretty self explanatory in a basic sense, but it does go a bit deeper than just that.

The workouts are designed to harden your muscles, and tone you up with the joys of sex. Users can copy videos which show off different positions, of varying difficulties, from the “cardio oh yes” to the “moan and tone”.

Yes you can do the exercises with a partner (or multiple partners), but single folk can do it too! They have a section for the lonely among you too. Now you can put all that practice to work.

What do Pornhub say about it?

According to Bangfit’s site, the workout schedule is a mix of zumba and CrossFit, with the flexibility of yoga – all mixed with your favourite “sport”.

They also offer a breakdown of the calories burned, based on the global average weight. Here is a breakdown of some of the calories burned in a 10 minute period for a variety of sexercies.

• Downward Doggy = 27 calories for women, 46 calories for men.
• Missionary Press = 13 calories for women, 43 calories for men
• Clean and Twerk = 38 calories for women, 17 calories for men

And for the ladies who prefer ladies (I don’t blame you, us blokes are right dicks)

• Booty Bumpers = 26 calories for both women

Not exactly sky high figures when you look at other forms of cardio you could do. Say squash, or going on the rowing machine, but as Bangfit suggests, 30 minutes of sex is equivalent to a three mile bike ride, and if it’s raining, I know which one I’d prefer.

The pros and cons

To make things fun and interactive, you can follow the workouts via videos, purchase a “Bangfit Band” to track your progress, and once you’ve done that, you can see your global ranking on a leaderboard. So Bangfit is clearly going to be more fun than jogging for example.

Though Bangfit told Mashable that they designed the app “after exhaustive research through the thousands of sexercise studies/articles” there are some obvious flaws.

For a start, you need to have some stamina for the workouts to be effective. If you reach a climax after two minutes, then you aren’t going to burn much in the way of calories, and you aren’t going to build many muscles. If you are training with a partner, or partners, then this could negatively impact on their workout. Obviously over time you will improve, but even in that you have an issue.

The chances of you reaching a plateau with Bangfit are quite high. It’s not like you can add more weight, and your intensity can only go up to such a level, bearing in mind the sheer practicalities of sexual intercourse, and the speed at which a human can move their body.

Some sexercises will vary in difficulty to negate this (Medicine Balls look fairly challenging) but even then you will reach a level you cannot surpass on that particular position.

So should I try Bangfit?

If you can find a consenting partner, or indeed find some partners, or don’t mind doing it on your own, then yes you should try it! Why the hell not? Granted it might not be the greatest workout you will ever get, but it’s going to be better than doing nothing, and certainly more fun than going out for a 3 mile bike ride in the middle of a British winter.

It’s still probably a good idea to go to the gym, or workout at home, but if you want to try and bang your way to fitness, and get, and I quote, “fit as f**k” then crack on!

Don’t let us know how you get on.

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