Giving bodybuilders a bad name

8 days in a week argument

7 days, 8 days? Who knows!?

Today is Tuesday, which is the 2nd day of the week. Or, if you like a fraction, the 2nd 7th of a 7 day week. But are there actually seven days in a week or is eight?

We’re well aware that the bodybuilding community can sometimes be a bit opinionated. We’ve seen people threaten serious violence over which protein powder they think is the best!

But these guys took it a bit too far. Yes they argued over how many days in a week. Giving bodybuilders everywhere a bad name!

How it started

Like with most interenet arguments, it all started quite innocently. The famous m1ndless asked…

Is it safe to do a full body workout every other day? I only have limited days I can get to the gym, and latley instead of doing upperbody or lowerbody I just do full body strenth workouts. I am trying to gain as much as I can without getting fat.

After a few tips from the calmer forum users, Steviekm3 wrote…

That makes no sense. There are only 7 days in a week. If you go every other day that is 3.5 times a week.


All hell broke loose. Other users such as Justin27 started to back up the half a workout concept. Insults were thrown and comments fired back and forth from more and more users.

Our favourite?

Wow strong intelligence in this thread.

Where can I find it?

Because we are such nice folk, here is the whole bodybuilders arguing over days in the week thread. It’s originally from 2007 but for some unknown reason, it has taken off in the last few days.

Giving us a bad name this lot!

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