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Find out who you are…

Last week you discovered your gym alter ego by taking our quiz.

Now we’re going to psychoanalyse you. With memes and stuff. So, ready to learn who you really are? Read on…

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Barbell beast

Barbell Beast

Metal is your friend. In days of yore you’d have been a blacksmith or an armourer. You fling metal around like it weighs nothing. For you, the deep ache that comes from lifting heavy can’t be bettered.

You load up for big moves like squats, deadlifts and bench presses. A rack of dumbbells is an invitation to roar like an animal as you heft cast iron. You’re not happy until your every blood vessel, nerve and sinew is under serious load. You need to feel your heart pound and the sweat run.

You’re a no nonsense kind of a guy or girl. Critics say you’re like a bull in a china shop. You, my friend are a barbell beast and you like your steak rare!

Cardio Junkie

Cardio Junkie

If you don’t get your daily mileage in, you get tetchy and out of sorts. The sight of a bank of running machines or cross trainers gives you a warm glow inside. The thought of bulking up turns you cold because then you’d be too slow wouldn’t you?

Most comfortable in running shorts and vest, your hair slicked back by the wind as you pound out the miles. You’re a lean, mean running machine, light on your feet and honed to the bone – but be careful… If more than a feeble crosswind blows you into the hedge, you might need to think about gaining some flesh.

You are a cardio junkie. You grill your lettuce!

Body worshiper

Body Worshipper

You love the way your muscles look in your skin tight lycra sports vest. Your shorts are short to better display the meaty elegance of your majestic thighs. You never carry your wallet in your back pocket in case it ruins the outline of your elegantly sculpted posterior.

Let’s face it, you love mirrors and mirrors love you back. Every reflective surface is an invitation to stop and gaze upon the sheer masculine or feminine beauty that is…you.

There’s nothing wrong with looking good – isn’t that the point? But while a healthy ego is a desirable trait, just make sure you don’t go too far. Remember what happened to Narcissus…



The wise man or woman of the gym. You’ve been around ever since anyone can remember. And while you might be going a little grey at the temples – a little bit grizzled and gnarled – you’re still a legend.

You’re always on hand to give a little advice to a newbie, or spot for a regular. You’ve nothing to prove, you’ve done it all and probably have the trophies to show for it. When others look up to you, it’s justified, but you don’t make a big thing of it. You’re just a regular person.

You don’t give it much thought but you’re an inspiration to younger gym junkies. You’ve been where they want to go. And sure, the older you get the better you were but it’s your knowledge and longevity they love you for.



You set a target and you’ll do anything to reach it. The more you sweat the better you feel. You’re the guy or girl who’s first to arrive in the morning, the person who switches off the lights before they leave.

Working out is a way of life – you mean business – you’re the real deal. To say you’re driven is an understatement. But boy is it an attitude that gets results. Just look at the body you’ve built. You revel in the envious looks others give you. You strut your stuff. And why not? You’ve paid your dues.

But take care not to overstep the mark. Think, workout life balance. You’re a go-getter, you’re going places. Just remember to enjoy the ride.

Gym Dodger

Gym Dodger

You choose a gym that’s close by because you know you’ll struggle to get there if it takes too much effort. Then hey, guess what? You still don’t go as often as you should. For you a workout is ten minutes on the rowing machine, or bike. At least that way you get to sit down while you exercise.

‘A’ shape rather than ‘in’ shape, when you see your reflection in the mirror, you automatically suck your guts in and promise yourself you’ll eat less pies. But by dinner time, you’re hungry and that’s all that matters. And in any case, you just don’t feel that bad about the way you look.

Comfortable in your own skin and happy go lucky by nature, a little light rain is all it takes for you to bin the gym, and settle on the sofa. You’re a gym dodger and you need a rocket up you!

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