10 Signs you’re in love with your gym

Smiling young man resting on barbell after workout at gym

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Are you in love?

You may not know it yet, but maybe you’re in love right now, in love with the gym. It happens to many of us, just sneaks up on you and boom!

Those long evenings pumping, all those hard times you came through together to sculpture a beautiful physique, it makes sense right?

If you’re still in denial, here are 10 signs to confirm your love for the gym.

1. You rarely leave home without your gym bag

Young man with sports bag

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Always by your side.

First of all you own a bag that is strictly for the gym and secondly you almost never leave home without it. After all, you can never be sure when you’ll fancy a workout at the gym so it’s always handy to have your faithful gym bag to hand.

2. You know your supplements intimately

Young Man In Gym Eating Cereal Bar

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The perfect post workout protein hit. Mmm mm.

Your knowledge of creatine tablets, whey protein shakes and amino acids and vitamins is impressive.  You’re like a toned up muscular alchemist that readily gives advice to gym apprentices.

3. Your GPS locates you mostly at the gym

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Home sweet home.

If you were to lose your smartphone, it would be either in the gym or somewhere on your route to the gym. ‘GPS’ in your world stands for Gym Position Sensor.

4. You are the anatomy king

Bodybuilding is an art form, so like a painter knows his paints and brushes, your knowledge of your muscle groups and anatomy isn’t far behind that of a medical professional. In fact you probably know the full Latin names for them all like Lattisimus dorsi. Of course you do.

5. You have more gym clothes than you do work clothes

Group of people at the gym in a stretching class

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Jeans? What are they?

This one is where it gets serious and you should probably start thinking about moving in together. If you do have more tracksuits, compression gear and clothes for the gym than you do work clothes, then you’re either working part-time or you just love the gym.

6. You know the names of all the fitness instructors

Personal trainer

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Ahh, good old Paul.

And they know yours and how much you can bench press. And you’re friends with them on Facebook and know what days they tend to work and the names of their partners and pets.

7. You have multiple workout playlists set up on your smartphone

Gym music

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A good playlist can improve even cardio.

There’s one playlist for the cardio work and another for the free weights. It depends on the day too, but generally you’ve got a playlist for every gym occasion.

8. The last thing you treated yourself to was something for the gym

Chip and pin machine

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New trainers make your heart race.

That’s right. Treats and luxury items for you must involve the gym for them to be technically deemed a treat. New gym clothes, workout equipment or books that teach you new techniques will do just fine.

9. You speak in weights and measures


Image source: Ockra
78 calories, 6 grams of protein. Boom.

You spend so much time in the gym that your knowledge of weights and measures is outstanding. You’re really sharp too when it comes to weighing up the protein and calorie content of food in seconds.

10. Your social life is at the gym – people know you

Smiling Group Of Friends Practising Pilates

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Ooo gym friends!

Your social life is the gym. In the gym you’re the man. People know you and respect you and it feels like home there. If you have some unexpected spare time, then you’ll usually want to go to the gym and your buddies are always pleased to see you. There’s no place like gym.

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