The Big Gym Survey 2013 results

Gym Survey Results

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The Big Supplement Centre Gym Survey

The results of the Big Gym Survey 2013 are in.

We got a great response from our blog readers, and your answers have thrown up a few surprises. We’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who submitted a survey.

Who would have guessed that more than half of you never use a Stairmaster as part of your workout? On the other hand, we know that most of you enjoy going to the gym – a massive 97% of respondents LOVE their gym!

We’ll be posting more in-depth articles on this blog over the next few weeks, based on the Big Gym Survey. Keep reading – there’s much more to come.

Here are the results of the survey in full:

Would you pay more for your gym membership if prices went up? How much more?,No more,37%
,10% more,42%
,25% more,15%
,50% more,1%
,100% more,5%
,Not answered,1%
Why do you go to the gym?,To get fit,71%
(can choose more than one answer),To lose weight,18%
,To make friends,5%
,To find love,0%
,To look good,55%
,Not answered,0%
What would make you go to the gym more often?,Cheaper membership,37%
(can choose more than one answer),Better training equipment,45%
,Better changing facilities,6%
,Free supplements,45%
What is your main motivation for going to the gym?,Health,52%
,Not answered,3%
What is the most annoying habit of your fellow gym goers?,Sweating on machines,12%
,Hogging machines,36%
,Not putting the weights away,34%
,Walking around nude in the changing room,2%
,Using technology whilst working out,8%
,Wearing stupid clothes,4%
,Having their music on too loud,1%
,Not answered,1%
Which piece of gym equipment do you never use?,Stairmaster,53%
,Rowing machine,17%
,Exercise bike,17%
,Free weights,2%
,Not answered,1%
How much can you deadlift?,50 – 100lbs,8%
,101 – 150 lbs,17%
,151 – 200 lbs,29%
,201 – 250 lbs,19%
,250 lbs +,25%
,Not answered,2%
Is the gym the only way you keep fit?,Yes,30%
,Not answered,2%
Do you feel sexier after going to the gym?,Yes,74%
,Not answered,2%
Do you love or hate the gym?,Love,97%
,Not answered,1%
Are you in a relationship?,Yes,66%
,Not answered,2%
If you are in a relationship, where did you meet your partner?“,Through a friend,27%
,At the pub,11%
,At work,7%
,Whilst studying,8%
,Through a club,3%
,At the gym,1%
,Not answered,30%[/table]

Data collected from 175 completed surveys during October 2013.

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