18 hilarious fat loss memes

fat bulldog laughing


Is ‘fat loss’ your New Year’s resolution? Losing motivation already?

Then check out our favourite fat loss memes for a healthy kickstart.

Hilarious and cheeky, these hilarious fat loss memes will motivate you to lose that extra lard (with a smile on your face).

Losing fat doesn’t have to be all T5 fat burners and barbells, laughing can help you burn fat too…

hardwork dedication meme

Source: Bajiroo

sweat is fat crying meme

Source: Slodive

ryan gosling bread meme

Source: Louise Roe

panda proof fat meme

Source: Cheez Burger

stop when I'm done meme

Source: God Is Heart

if it jiggles its fat meme

Source: Guyism

hurts now warm up meme

Source: Health Me Up

butter is bad meme

Source: imgur

sickness bug fat loss meme

Source: Meme Captain

fry Futurama weight loss meme

Source: Quick Meme

gain weight meme

Source: Shocking Fit

17. reward

Source: Funny Junk

willy wonker diet coke meme

Source: Create Meme

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