How obsessed with fitness are you?

How obsessed with fitness are you

Stop staring at the weights!

If, instead of counting sheep to get to the land of nod, you count imaginary dumbbell flies then you may have a problem.

We’re not talking a massive problem; more a “I need to stop ostracizing my friends in order to work on my lats” kind of problem.

Worried you may be taking it too far, or worried you aren’t obsessed enough? Well answer yes or no to all these questions and we’ll tell you how obsessed you are.

1. Do you wake up before 6am to workout?


Image source: Wikimedia
The first sign of obsession….

2. Does your wardrobe looks like this?

gym clothes meme

Image source: Pinterest
Colours may vary

3. Is this how you spend rest day? (if you have one)


Image source: Run Stronger Everyday
Typical rest day?

4. Do you have a workout spreadsheet?


Complete with macros

5. Is this you on supplement delivery day?

Excited man shouting

Image source: Thinkstock
(Sex and size may vary)

6. Is the following you? When someone doesn’t wipe their sweat off a machine, you aren’t just annoyed. You feel sorry for the equipment itself as its more than just a thing to you, it’s your best friend

Sweaty Airplane

Image source: Twitter
They sweat like this, then bugger off…AAAAH!

7. Is this this you when someone doesn’t put the weights back properly?

Fierce athlete

Image source: Thinkstock
(Sex and size may vary)

8. Is your social availability limited to rest day and days when they gym is closed?

legs that day

Image source: Rebellion.Nerd Fitness
Valentines scmalentines

9. Do you spell “way” like this?

whey spell as way

A sure whey to fail a spelling test

And finally…

10. Do you only eat out of tupperware?

tuppeware food prep

Image source: Healthy Life Annalyzed
This actually looks nice…

What does this mean?

0-3 yeses – You are either starting off on your journey to become a fully fledged gym freak, or you need to put some extra work in. Those macro macros on your spreadsheet won’t fill themselves.

4-7 yeses – You are doing pretty well, but there is room for improvement. Stop using plates for one thing.

7-9 yeses – You post about your fitness on social media, talk in macros and “white rice” is the Devil incarnate.

10 yeses – You believe in fitness as an almighty god. You shake if you miss a gym session. You had a life, now your life is fitness.

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