How to Train Your Lower Back

how to train your lower back

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Safely train and get serious…lower back gains?

If muscles could talk, then your lower back would probably say one of the following.

1) Ouch, I hate my life, so I am going to make you hate yours.
2) Why have you forgotten about me?
3) Cheers for looking after me, much appreciated.

If 1) or 2) sounds like your back, then keep reading, and if it’s 3), well then you might learn a thing or two anyway.

Bent over rows

This exercise works your whole back, as well as your hips and arms. Bent over rows also work as an assistance exercise in improving your squat, bench press and deadlift.

But it’s important to do them right, or you will feel pain. If you are new to the exercise, then start with a cable equivalent as this will limit your movement, isolate the muscles you want to work, and limit muscle imbalances.

When you have moved to free weights, which should give you the best results, it is important to take a few more steps. Don’t let you lower back round off and rest properly between reps and sets.


Muscular Man Doing Heavy Deadlift Exercise

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Deadlifting with good form will help your back

This is another one that will cause injuries if not performed right, but will give great results if done properly. Deadlifting improves your core, and when performed with good form, will add strength to your posterior chain.

If you find it destroys your back, then you are doing it wrong.

So here is how to fix your deadlift.

Swiss ball raises

Step 1) Get an exercise ball
Step 2) Lie chest down, with your belly touching the ball and arch your back up
Step 3) Slowly come down and repeat

This exercise strengthens your core, abdominals and in turn, your lower back.

If you are struggling to start, then put your knees on the floor to make it easier for yourself. On the other side of the skill level see-saw, add weight with some dumbbells for an extra challenge.


The squat is king, and in terms of working your lower back, it is all about stability. As you balance, your lower back and your core comes into play.

So often people complain about back pain with squats, and that is that is because they aren’t squatting properly.

Front squats have shown to be just as effective as back squats, and they force you to go straighter. Just be careful, you should start with a low weight, and take it from there.

Work the other muscles

Your body should be worked in unison as much as possible. You may complain about soreness in your back when doing bent over rows, but this could be down to tight hamstrings, so you need to work your legs.

In short, building the muscles that surround you lower back will assist the back itself.

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