IIFYM and other fitness phrases

That lettuce 100% fits your macros

That lettuce 100% fits your macros

The internet is both a wonderful and terrible place. For every interesting article, there is an awful one, and for every positive comment, there is a troll (not a Norse supernatural being).

So with such good and bad, it can be hard to know what’s going on. Especially in the world of online fitness, where everyone has an opinion. Though we can’t tell you exactly who to listen to, and what should be considered rubbish, we can tell you the meaning of a few popular online fitness terms that you may not have heard before.

Hashtags, acronyms, weird words you haven’t heard before, they’re all here.


We share an office space with some other folk, and this is someone's lunch…thoughts?#IIFYM

Posted by Supplement Centre on Thursday, 2 April 2015

Simply put, it is a flexible approach to creating a diet and means “If it fits your macros.”

The idea is that you take a look at your calorie intake for a certain goal, and then you plan your macronutrient intake around that goal. Starting an IIFYM diet can be time consuming, but works as an enjoyable approach to flexible dieting for many.

When someone tweets or posts #IIFYM (i.e. using the hashtag) it is normally a bit more tongue and cheek. For example, if they are eating a Fray Bentos Pie and have managed to get said pie to meet their macros for the day, they may accompany that picture with #IIFYM.

Supps that will fit your macros



Image source: The Fit Switch
So much love…

This is the online community that talks about working out, nutrition and supps. Anyone can be a member, you just have to be keen!

If you want advice, motivation or to show off something you are proud of, the #FitFam is a good place to be.

Some think that the FitFam is annoying, that it is a bit over the top, but in general, we think it is a great way to get support and learn some new things from the good part of the internet.



So motivational…

This is a shortening of the word, if you can call it one, “Fitspiration”. This internet word simply means anything that can be related to fitness, that is inspirational.

As is often the case with the internet, these “inspirational” posts often just mean a scantily clad woman showing off her abs. Many may see this as an inspiration, i.e. a body that they aspire to, and one that will make them work harder. However, it cannot be wholly ignored that a scantily clad woman also serves another purpose.

Having said that, if you keep an eye out for #MotivationalMonday or #TransformationTuesday, you will find some great stuff. These are Fitspo based hashtags, and they throw up some quotes, pictures and videos that can give your week a kick in the right direction.



He’s swole but is he a swoldier?

To put it simply, it’s the one you simply can’t lift without. Your gym buddy, spotter and bestie who also likes to lift and workout. It is a term derived from the word “swole” which is a synonym for words like “hench”, “ripped” and “massive”.

Steve Cook obviously has a few Swolemates, and in fact has a whole “Army” of “Swoldiers”.


“It’s OK, I’m bulking.” said the rather swole man as he ate his twelfth slice of peanut butter on toast. In fact, he was always bulking, he was in a stage of permabulk.

Yes, the term permabulk, though not the most popular out there, is one that means someone who is constantly trying to gain mass. Their kitchen is full of weight gain supplements and the idea of cutting only fits when they think of their hair. Popular with strongmen.

And some honourable mentions…

First of all we have “belfie” meaning a selfie of one’s bottom. Then we have “hater”, which basically means someone who has nothing good to say about anything ever. Then finally, we have “#GymProblems”; a hashtag largely associated with issues such as meal prep, not being able to find clothes that fit and having legs so big, you can’t sit at the table properly.

We hope you found this list helpful, and if you can think of any weird and wonderful phrases we may have missed, let us know.

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