Can’t choose a workout? Worry no more!

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Trying to work out what to do…

It’s 6pm, you’ve not long finish work, and you are on your way to the gym…but what are you going to do when you get there?

If, like many, you aren’t the best at making basic decisions, then knowing what to do can be a difficult choice. Legs, chest, arms, back, cardio, core, shoulders, take up CrossFit? “What do I do!?” you are probably screaming inside.

But don’t worry, as per usual, Supplement Centre is here to save the day.

What did you do last time?

Skip this point if you are returning to the gym after a long lay off, but if you are a regular, yet indecisive gym goer, then read on.

All muscle groups need time to rest, so if you have done legs the day before, then you can instantly eliminate that from your workout. You should then look back at previous days and work on the group you have neglected in recent days.

This might seem like incredibly basic advice for us to write down, but if you aren’t sure what to do, the likelihood is that you’ll just do what you enjoy, instead of what you need to do.

Do you have a goal?

If you rock up at the gym like a lost lamb, that’s fine, but if you rock up at the gym like Roy Hodgson, namely without any real game plan, then you’re in trouble. You need to pick the right workout for the right goal after all, so if you don’t have a long term plan, then get one.

If you have one, albeit vague, and still can’t decide what to do. Then keep it simple.

• Weight loss – do some HIIT
• Long distance sports – treadmill or exercise bike
• Hypertrophy/strength – see above

Is your gym really busy?

Even if you do have a plan, it’s difficult to account for a gym full of your fellow whey protein guzzling, big weight lifting, sweat secreting gym rats. So if you rock up on a Monday then you can probably eliminate chest day.

Indeed going at the right time, can massively impact on what you do. If your gym is small and there is only one squat rack, and it’s taken when you rock up, then do something else.

This is all very basic advice…

Yep it is. But it’s aimed at folk who don’t plan, who don’t prepare and can’t make decisions.

So make yourself a plan. On our blog, there is more than enough lovely reading material to give you an idea of what to do, so you should never really turn up at the gym without knowing what to do again…once you have a plan.

Luckily, we have a solution for those who don’t have it worked out, and who still can’t make up their mind.

Just press pause and let us decide for you.

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