Kai Greene Banned – Video Response

kai greene banned

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See the video response below

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, Kai Greene, “Mr Getting It Done” and Phil Heath’s greatest rival, will NOT be competing at Mr Olympia. The exact reasons aren’t 100% clear but already a few rumours are circulating.

One is that Kai Greene was signed up to represent MuscleMeds at Mr Olympia, but then split with the supplement supplier, and therefore the contract issues meant he couldn’t compete. The “drugs” word hasn’t yet reared it’s ugly head.

Whatever the case, you can tell by the video, that Kai Greene is distraught.

[Tweet “I am a champion, and so are you. – Kai Greene 2015”]

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5 thoughts on “Kai Greene Banned – Video Response

  1. lee

    Keep ur head up my brother ..you worked too hard for this!!!….let them do them ,but you keep doing what ur doing ….sometimes things happens to us for a reason. So keep focused and thank god for ur ruff times because its what makes u better…. Be encouraged brother….


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