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It’s fight night

Combat, like fitness, takes many forms. We’ve looked through hundreds of UK blogs, and these are the best combat bloggers on the scene right now.

From Judo to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through Mixed Martial Arts, and even taking in a bit of wrestling and cage fighting, these grapplers will have you on the edge of your seat with their experiences, tips and bout reviews.

Part Time Grappler

Liam Wandi has taught thousands of hours of BJJ while working full time and achieving a BSc with Honours. He says, “If I can, so can you”.

Liam’s list of priorities in grappling starts with the advice to: stay safe, weaken your opponent’s advantage, stay safe, anticipate your opponent’s next move and block it, stay safe… you get the idea!

Want to recover faster between grappling sessions? Read Liam’s recovery tips, to learn how to use yoga poses such as downward dog to help speed up that process.

Kingdom MMA

Looking for the latest about the top UK MMA stars? Kingdom MMA is the place to be, with videos, features and updates about UK and World MMA, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship scene.

Kingdom MMA’s ‘Fighter vs Writer’ column challenges some of the biggest MMA names to make predictions on the outcomes of upcoming events. Do you think you can foretell the results better than the fighters?

Interviews with Cage and BAMMA fighters aren’t all about the fights, though. Read how Darren Stewart went straight from the cage to the hospital to see his son being born. After that experience, and with fatherhood a strong part of his life, Darren’s even more motivated to win in the ring!

BJJ Minion

Masters category grappler Marie Wilson has taken her share of bruises and black eyes in training and competition. Rather than shying away from the ring, she’s created a guide on how to look after them, including ice (straight away) to reduce swelling, and makeup tips for concealing them. There’s even makeup advice for men there!

Music is important to Marie. Check out her competition playlist for your own inspiration. Katy Perry, Kanye, and Bob Marley all feature here.

After weighing up the pros and cons of whether to share her goals, Marie has taken the plunge, and recently shared her latest goal. Read about her decision and reasons, and see if you agree that goals should be shared.

Wrestle Ropes

For the best and latest UK Pro Wrestling news, look to Wrestle Ropes, the greatest British grapple fan’s resource.

Follow the road diary of ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero as he travels from fight to fight and contends with the silence of the dressing room after the roars of the crowd.

Detailed show reviews are one of Wrestling Ropes’ speciality, so head over for blow-by-blow accounts of all the UK Pro bouts, including the Insane Championship Wrestling’s very own Ministry of Silly Headlocks show. As commentator Billy Kirkwood says: “Sports entertainment is a disease. ICW is the cure”!

BJJ Connected

Peter Oshagbemi is a family man and professional radiographer, but still finds time not only to train but also to produce a regular BJJ podcast.

Covering all aspects of BJJ, Peter interviews some of the best coaches and practitioners in the country (and beyond). In his session with Craig Ali of Total Health, a holistic approach to movement, fitness and nutrition is clearly displayed.

Listen to his conversations with the likes of 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu and BJJ pioneer Marc Walder, and soak up the passion all these share for the art.

Old Munki

Sleep is a very under estimated part of your training. Peter Wilson (aka the Old Munki) writes that sleep is essential for basic maintenance and repair of all your major systems – so he advises you do yourself a favour, and sieze the opportunity to get good sleep.

Munki has some good advice for competition newbies: be certain your gi is competition legal, have a game plan, and be sure to take some spare toilet roll with you, just in case the organisers haven’t managed to keep up!

Poor competition results, or even a bad day’s training can result in frustration, but Pete shares his tactics for dealing with this. Celebrate the little wins, challenge yourself, and train regularly. You’ll soon move past that frustration and continue on your journey.

Judo Bob

Ex-Army Judo competitor Bob has been a British Judo Association coach since 1997. His technical observations of the 2014 World Championships, questioning the strictness of referees and the benefits of edge play show his scientific approach to the sport.

If you’ve ever had doubts about whether the GB ranking system is a good one, Bob’s detailed account of its advantages and disadvantages will help to settle the debate – which side are you on?

Bob’s passion for British Judo is clear, and his take on ‘autonomy supported coaching’ will open your eyes to new coaching techniques and ideas which can be taken beyond the Judo realms.


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