London Marathon training Q&A


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What would be your top tip?

The London Marathon comes once more, with elite runners such as Wilson Kipsang wowing the world with their incredible pace.

High altitude training, coaches, the best gear; it all helps the best get better. But how does your average amateur athlete get ready for such an event?

To answer that question, I caught up with my brother, who is running the marathon this Sunday. Keep an eye out for the one who is really, really struggling.

Why did you decide to run the marathon?

In 2009 I was really unfit and entered a half marathon with the hope it would push me to get in shape. I completed it and did the Paris Marathon the following year. I always wanted to do the London Marathon and finally got on through the ballot this year! A mate of mine entered me in, but I think he’s put me in the fast runners group…

What has your training been like?

Generally, I have ran four times a week. I started slow (3×4 mile runs and a 7/8 mile run), then slowly picked it up to a 20 mile run around 3 weeks before the main event. Then I’ve slowed down again in the build up to the race.

What has your diet been like since you began training?

My diet should have been better! The last two weeks before the marathon I’ve been carb loading! Pasta, rice and couscous mainly. Also been eating a lot of chicken and salmon for a bit of protein.

Have you used any supplements to help with training or recovery?

The first time I did a marathon I didn’t but this time I have (think it is the age!). I have whey protein isolate after after big runs and some glutamine for recovery.

What time are you aiming for?

I was hoping for sub 4 hours but I think 4:10 is more realistic. When I did Paris I ran around 4.30 but I really want to improve on that.

Who is better: Mo Farah or Arny?

Mo Farah!

Anything else?

I’m not doing another one! And if you fancy donating some money, that’d be great.

If you are running the London Marathon, feel free to post your donation link in the comments section.

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