Why you wish you were a male cheerleader

Male and female cheerleaders outside

Let’s go!

Yes, you read that right. You want to be a male cheerleader and you never even knew it. Don’t believe us? Well, let us enlighten you.

If you like the idea of getting hench by tossing beautiful young women in the air and catching them by their buttocks, then male cheerleading might just be for you.

Here’s a little video demonstration of what’s involved:

That was Daytona Stuntfest and those guys and gals are the best of the best US college cheerleaders. Every year, once the Nationals competition is over, the cheerleaders unwind on Daytona beach with some freestyle stunting.

The guy and girl teams usually don’t know each other. Stuntfest is about finding a new partner and hooking up for some stunt speed dating. Pretty awesome, huh?


Close up rear female cheerleaders

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Still not convinced?

In case you need any more incentive to get into male cheerleading, here are some of the benefits:

• You’ll learn how to throw gorgeous women 30ft in the air and catch them safely.
• It will get you in seriously good shape.
• You’ll be able to perform some pretty cool stunts.


Group of cheerleaders

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Got a spare 20 hours a week to train?

Male elite cheerleaders spend around 20 hours a week training. Coed stunting – the gawp-worthy trickery featured in the Stuntfest clip – requires strength and endurance training.

Cardio training like running or skipping will give you the endurance you need to get through those high intensity routines.

To get the upper body strength you’ll need to lift your flyer (the girl you’re throwing and catching), do chin-ups, bench presses and push-ups. And for strong legs, lunges, squats and leg presses are great.

Healthy eating, early gym sessions and appropriate supplements will get you in male cheerleader shape. Dan Wake, Portsmouth Phoenix cheerleader, says: “I like to link in cheer with my weightlifting. The benefit I get from being stronger from the weight makes it easier for me to lift girls – they just help each other.”

Get started

Get Started

Image source: Alex Max
Find our where to learn the ropes.

Most coed stunts rely on the strength and ability of just one male cheerleader. If you’re unprepared or not strong enough, your flyer is likely to fall.

If you’re going to be a male cheerleader you must be on top of your game in terms of fitness and skill. So it goes without saying that you need to learn from an experienced, certified coach.

Most universities in the UK have at least one cheerleading squad. There are also hundreds of cheerleading teams throughout the UK. You’ll need to join a seniors team and work your way up the skills and fitness ladder before you’re at full-gorgeous-women-tossing level.

Check out the British Cheerleading Association and the UK Cheerleading Association for a list of clubs and coaches in your area.

Well, now you know why you want to be a male cheerleader. So go on tiger, get your girl-catching arms on!

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