Former Marine Planks for over FIVE Hours


Abs of steel!

For some bizarre reason, the world of competitive planking has lit up in the last few months. And a former Marine, George Hood, has smashed the record, which was only set last week.

When Danish fitness trainer planked for four hours and 28 minutes, few could imagine anyone going any better. Indeed that guy himself beat a previous record, set by a Chinese policeman. So what George Hood has done is pretty special.

So let’s see him in action…if you can call it that.

Who is George Hood?

George Hood is 57 years old, and is probably in better shape that most, he certainly isn’t one for a dad bod. He’s a personal trainer, an ex-DEA agent (you know, like Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad ) and is a serial record breaker.

He’s previously set records for most hours on a stationary bike, and in 2010, rode for 222 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds. That equates to 9.26553241 days. He also held a record for the longest abdominal plank in 2011, before the whole “let’s plank for crazy amounts of time” took off.

He planked for 30 hours every week to prepare for this insane planking effort.

Hood was raising money for injured US service personnel and at two hours he said, “I’m into the uncomfortable stage now.”

And when he finished, he did this…

We’re not sure what supplements Hood takes, but we can be sure of one thing. If you’re getting on, worried about getting old or just want to get in shape, this is the man to look at for inspriation.

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