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Mark Smith is one inspirational character. After losing his while serving in the military, he has since become a bodybuilder, and has even won a trophy.

We often share his videos, and pics, but we thought it would be good to give you a real insight into Mark Smith: disAbility bodybuilder and #SCElite member. So we ran a Q&A!

This is what you asked him.

Question from Ali Haider (Google+)

How long have you been training for?

Answer: I have always enjoyed training, but never had the know how I have now. I started training properly, with a full diet and training programme, as of May this year.

Question from Dominic Swift (Supp Centre team)

How do you do squats?

Let’s just show him eh?

And from that video came this question from Brett Robinson

Would be interested to see if using a heel elevated position helped load the quad more?

Answer: We used to use platforms quite a lot during my rehabilitation to help with balance and core stability that would go under the heel. These are all things I’ll continue to take on board. Thanks for the advice Brett!

Question from Ibility Wear (twitter)

What motivated you to push your ability in competitive bodybuilding?

Answer: Being ex-forces, I think the discipline and hard work in bodybuilding and being a soldier are similar.

Question from Matt Elson (Twitter)

What’s been the highlight of your bodybuilding career and what’s next?

Answer: My highlight has to be winning my last comp & next I’m off to the US to compete in March!

Question David H McCracken (Facebook)

How does a 58 yr old who’s survived bone cancer amputation at 13, brain injury when hit by drunk driver at 27 in 1984 and spine surgery for numerous pinched nerves in 2006 get back into shape and build strength and muscle?

Have you tried training since having your spine surgery David? If you have, out of the injuries you’ve mentioned above (which by the way, sounds like you’ve come through a fair bit) what have you found effects you when training and what did you find you could train without pain or discomfort? Again, If you have trained, did you find seated movements or standing more comfortable and do you find your prosthetic leg provides you with enough support to confidently carry out standing sessions?

It would be good to find out more from yourself as to how you progress, but 100% it’s not beyond you to build your strength and muscle mass back up


What’s your motivation and how do you keep going?

My motivation is a photograph of myself taken during my time in Hospital, where I had dropped to less than 9 stone in weight, through having so many operations and living on hospital food. I had a mate come to visit, who walked straight past me in my hospital bed, because he didn’t recognise me, with how skinny I had got.

I use that photo to ensure I never get to that stage again. Now I am motivated by the opportunities that lie in front of me if I work hard enough and I genuinely enjoy stepping in to the gym to train everyday.

If you have a question for Mark, just comment below!

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