Matrix Nutrition Amino Storm Review

amino storm review

Liam Browne takes on the storm!

We gave Liam Browne a tub of Amino Storm to review, and this is what he thought…

Amino Storm is the latest product from Matrix Nutrition, combining the well-known BCAAs with creatine, taurine, glutamine and HMB. I have always used a BCAA supplement, be it through capsules or powder, they are always a part of my performance nutrition, and I will be using Matrix Amino Storm again.

When I am purchasing a BCAA supplement, I look for several things, pricing (and with that in mind, servings per container), how well it mixes, taste and of course the results.


This product is available from Supplement Centre for £14.99 for a 500g container, getting you 33 servings. That is a fantastic deal. As I have already mentioned, BCAAs are something I use regularly, so getting a large number of servings at a good price is definitely a winner for me. Other well-known companies charge more for products of this quality, often with a fraction of the servings.


It is definitely a pet hate of mine, when I get a new supplement, mix it up, take a swig and realise I’m more or less chewing on undissolved granules of powder! That is why I often opt for the capsule form of supplements rather than powders. That is not a problem with the Amino Storm though, it mixes very well and goes down smoothly. Can’t complain at all with this one.


Taste isn’t a massive factor for me usually, I’m looking for results not a taste sensation. That being said Matrix Amino Storm in citrus orange is very drinkable, I have yet to try the fruit punch. If anything I would perhaps have liked it to be a little sweeter, but that would be just my preference. As with most supplements, the actual flavour intensity varies depending on how much liquid you mix it with, your choice.


So a long term goal of mine is to improve my sports performance. My training in the gym is designed to compliment what I do on the field. This involves keeping body fat as low as possible (something I struggle with) being quick and agile but also very strong and powerful. Matrix Amino Storm has helped me get closer to this goal than ever before, I have dropped body-fat, improved my strength and actually shown some form of pace for a change. This is obviously down to several factors but the BCAAs and other ingredients in Amino Storm have helped maintain my performance and improve my recovery.

Final words

BCAAs are something I have used and will continue to use frequently. Amino Storm has to be one of the best forms I have used. Combing BCAAs with other muscle building and energy substances provides a pre, intra or even post workout drink that is hard to match. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone wanting to improve their game and will definitely be ordering more myself when this tub runs out.

P.S – Scoop on top! Always a win

Liam was not paid for this review, and all his opinions are his own. He has not been asked to put in any specific points. We have given him ample time to create a balanced opinion on the product. Furthermore, if we had known his review would be so, so positive, we’d have probably asked him to publish it on his own blog. You see, unlike many brands, we don’t wax lyrical about products, and largely let customers make up their own mind. So I hope that works as proof that we have not influenced Liam’s opinion on this product whatsoever.

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