May 2015: Synthol and 9000 Calorie Meal

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Such a load of stupid

May saw Sepp Blatter, sorry, Satan, tighten his grip on FIFA, it saw the UK vote in a majority government and we also saw a tonne of you converging at the NEC to meet Hulk Hogan at Body Power.

Of course, that wasn’t all that went on. In between all the good and bad news, a hell of a lot of fitness stories hit the internet airwaves.

So here is the best of them!

1. Man nearly loses his arms because of synthol

Idiotic doesn’t even come close to how you describe this guy. Whilst most of us eat well, look out for an online protein sale and workout hard, this guy tried to cheat. And failed.

2. Man attempts to copy The Rock’s diet

Video time. Let’s face it, he eats quite a lot that Dwayne Johnson, and when a normal guy tries to copy his intake, things aren’t going to go well.

For when you need calories

3. Supersets for hypertrophy

Not everyone loves supersets. But as usual, Breaking Muscle have created a very informative guide to how they can help your gains!

4. A buffoon’s guide to CrossFit

Another thing you don’t like. CrossFit isn’t for everyone, but the helpful runner come blogger, Jay Watts, has come up with this idiot proof guide.

5. 3 training myths: busted

We’re pretty awesome. And it seems you agree as many of you read our ever so helpful guide on common training myths. The anabolic window? Pfft.

6. What years of steroid abuse can do to a woman

Many of you have clearly watched Breaking Bad and surmised she was actually on meth. Either way, stay off the steroids.

7. The 9000 calorie food challenge


8. Facebook users who bang on about fitness are ill

Yep. If you have ever posted a selfie at the gym, or a video for you deadlifting, you are sick in the head. Not good for the members of the Supplement Centre Elite Athlete programme then…

9. Conor McGregor loses muscle up challenge to 68 year old

He may be one of the UFC’s most popular fighters, but he isn’t worthy of a free bus pass.

10. When men should stop lifting weights

Let’s have the most angering till last. Here is a man who says you shouldn’t do what people tell you, while writing an article telling you what not to do. Alanis Morissette could probably write a song on it.

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